Repeat Movies

Friday, June 8th

What is your movie you've seen multiple times?

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Gone is this awesome awesome. Whether we've had we're gonna get the normal. Rose festival weather yesterday was rose festival I. It always happens and it release one that weekend of the rose festival we just get torrential downpour is sponsoring and really hard. Tomorrow for the grand floral parade. Which means all of this fun outdoor activity we've been doing for the last month or so. You're gonna need something to do endorse that might mean go to movies than I was last and he went to the movies map. I was probably four. Avengers infinity ward that's right get inside the Omar early universe thing right. So you and them not the infinity watcher had that common what you don't have in common is Nam the Infiniti watcher. Has already seen it 43 times. 43 times is pretty incredible to go and especially of a movie that still in the theater. Is that a movie because often you'll tummy about. The moral universe that you need to see the movies a couple of times could you miss stuff it's like a lot like Star Wars if I ended his time in things right if the time I would happily go see it again I don't know if I would go 43 times I was as I say it afford to go 4343. Seems like you should stick with three piece puzzle that you can't forget the movie out by the first five times you've got CNET that it's not just about figuring the movie out I mean if you enjoy the movie I understand watching a movie over. And over again and but going in and into the theater to see a 43 times per decree how often how often have you seen a movie multiple times. I've probably seen Star Wars 43 times. The regular car or oil in the original yeah it in your life and that's from nineteen it would it'd debut 1977. You know yeah yeah you didn't see instantly segment and ask for a fact exactly. IA. Under speaking from personal experience I know people go to the movies multiple times to see a movie. Less and less nowadays would Netflix in the availability of refinancing your home. Is there is there I go to a movie that you was seen more than Star Wars or Star Wars the number one movie used in multiple types and it's up there the other one that's that races seem like my buddies and I would get together and we've watched Tommy Boy. Over and over and over again. Tommy boys' fantastic. That's when the lewd images drink Beers watch Tommy Boy in the recycle movie theater. I'll go that far what movie is it for you. Our that is such a good movie man I elected he would deal does she go through phases when it comes to westerns. Yeah actors like it I can injure for a minute what it was another wind. Yield three. I can't or the name of that 314 hour train on yeah. Brit Andy amount that you let rough crowd hey dad that's it you know I go to east free. Faces of western movies and then not dead arm off of them for a while Hamas. Here are burned bigger tour tombstone is how many times he's seen it proper. Where are you are under. Look at CN ITI and it's funny you bring that up because they don't do love my life with the Ford fairly dangers of fourth airline really again since I got nothing to. Well I haven't thought he in this. It. Yes exactly. Hey thanks for the nobody have a great weekend man hi kgo and. An equity you're gonna. My older but I might actually been in the at this group. Will he is in Iraq later. Ryder man I never seen it in until about like the whole part of it that's with. Fond and one again and on everybody in my brain is dead but I did it operative Zacarias they didn't. At that that's right and they ran that on axis TV and I happen to catch and I thought wow that was actually pretty good movie for it's time. I don't think it's appropriate I. Well you that it'll busy. Paula I am I bet a 10000. Time. It brings back good memories Korea is like a family reunion when family comes on for your. App at. They have a great week embodied. Mikey GON was movies where you that you see all the time all. We. Jack well. The movie about Mexican wrestling yes yes Jack Black. I. I. You're right that is such as he. That falls into that category. Like warfare lane it's just a brain break right. Absolutely it does. They have have a greatly yeah I think it might take that in this weekend. Did carry out particular. Take that in this week it didn't get thieves can find it for me and I have the right movie watching ask got around oh yeah good as we can lead dumb it's the what a dumb thing to say well they go there's a couple of good choices for you this weekend if if you look at for them to do when the rain. Read turns.