Pruno update tuesday

Tuesday, May 15th

Will it or won't it make us sick? Prison wine this Friday at 8:30.


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We're talking about friends and that ask that they have of a view at times. Our very good friend our bartender residents Lance Mayhew. Had a big ask. He wanted to make prison wind prone now. As one of the segments on the show as a matter effects coming up this Friday. This is black couple weeks in the making too it has exploded. Inside of his home. It smells like a dirty diaper. His wife was furious because I got all over the kitchen he managed to save and not a bit that we are going to have some. To potentially drink he's asked us to sample. But we've had a lot of phone calls about Bruno including a nurse from the multnomah county jail who said don't drink it. It'd be the worst food poisoning you've ever gotten. Which makes me feel great there we're gonna turn it on Friday. Potential. Because that's potentially the exact path bottling it it's it's I know we are ready to go my question him as well compares with a whip cream. I had to bring compassion Yzerman Brett together. You know soften the blow a little bit what pairs with that Larry has envision them guys and imprisoned in a prison cell with the Bruno and their little achieves blatant stuff and trying to have a whole evening. I kgo when. And mortar Delaware. Truck or are you live in India I would go get bulletproof and don't. Good broader. I'm. Dude do you know a little bit about Bruno because I'll be honest neither one of us have been and again. Oh yeah no look Bentley you noted you know our colleagues note how ruler. What are you why Eric is whatever you get your hand and beyond it fermented fruit. Whatever you make it and I mean it'll do electorate where you or you're over. America. Yeah I hear our roar back up I would. I would run that there are no audio and try it I get that they'll. How does that work when you're in the can you know you now your tank your high because M I Imus thing give back to yuck when you're in high school. And you go to a party come home we got to deal with your parents. Your parents in the cannot have guns and badges and they can attack on time campaign. I laid out on direct refute it by ended without a I have to find it I mean like I am no great build another bachelor. You don't agree I is now the real quick yet. And they air it out in our league ruled there is up in the air you. Pre Eisner rock opera but Kirk. Did not want to come either at all. So here's the other question trucker rob I'm gonna ask it. That seems kind of weird three dudes stuck in a cell get the hi I am in the lap I'm not I'm the last guy to drink because I don't want anybody taken advantage of me. Jack. Has a lot of black party do not want to do it Wear on. To act out. There. I don't know how dare argue that person to act value may. All right what happened and why am I or. How I. Hot and very well said it jog around have a great game in. Hey you guys want Iraq to what our regular. Man. Every time we talked to somebody about Prudhoe they do it and look forward to Friday more and more important hole affect. And I am getting more and more worried about it.