Pot Shop and Girl Scout Cookies

Thursday, February 8th

Weed and Girl Scout cookies leads to a great conversation.


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Here is the dilemma. It's a complicated conflicted. Conflict in. Situation. The reason I know that is because I'm waffling and I normally don't waffle I've never seen you'll helpful but its allies like I feel like I have a morality snowshoes on right now right you know like there is in life isn't quite as black white I normally usually it's pretty black and white for me your read about it or here's a scenario. Girl Scouts. That time a year they hammer you for cookie sales and you you can't go anywhere and aren't getting hammered. Lot of these girls are out. Every night of the week going to the neighborhood or there every week in four weekends on and trying to hit their quota. Wine. And trooper and Oreo young lady in San Diego. Thinking outside the box. Set up for cookie stand in front of a dispensary. In four hours over 325 boxes. Done. Girl Scouts are not happy about it they're trying to figure out whether they're gonna slapper risk. Or letter keep her against its winnings right you get something for selling. About it I think. But there is a conflict there. Is that the right place for kids to be hanging out in front of a dispensary. Hey that that based on neo girl adopting dogs. You think man there's a lot of conflict here right. Well here's the deal on the air legal Mya my brother Aaron Carter girl out eighty acting work or. A factory locked in state and actually. Our outlook daughter C article paired that up right out right now you're out being over here. Don't end art is the entry what you are saying that he. He beat. I didn't it think that the girl got the Arab or a little. You know championing art not a paper you know our Earl outfit the outlook for about. You know apart shot you know there are currently illegal and like they're. They all get. It there it. You mean. In all I did I don't you're Arabic or all of number and get Smart about it now more tricky and the other girl or more cookies and the girls are you the. Look economic on the whole heartedly in that camp with my left leg. My right leg is in this camp of being a parent then it's like wait a second might inadvertently. Telling this child yeah this is all good dead into moral dilemma right here and and that's weird I rarely have those say I appreciate your poll golf. I kgo am what do you know. Alone lead though although I would get into that trying to later we're go to your own way it kind of goes to grow your own we take. I think I think it's a brilliant idea and I don't see why they yet though are she shouldn't be allowed to do that because I mean they sell alcoholic grocery store. So I mean wait. Let detonated a different there's more deaths from alcohol and there is marijuana. The criteria by my my only problem and I'm tell on him and I have my left foot in there with you man I'm Mike. I'll I'll love onto open doors a lot of people who think outside the box. And I got my right leg though that's my parenting leg right and I've I've raised kids and I'm looking at a kids. Are susceptible. To suggestion that's the only things I'm saying Morley you think that this would give the green light to the girls who smoked marijuana hotel and Chile AL I let it it's a little bit subliminal and I get its esoteric. But it is really I think a very critical thing that you got to ask. I'm only human on that but I don't think they'll and cookies. In front of the stories connect. Concord and spark. I mean you never now. You never know they appreciate it all and thank you all right thank you brings a great point about alcohol and alcohol emit almost makes me feel little hypocritical. And Robert horror. Here is where my dilemma is out I wanna hear because you both bring up the great point you're gone had I have no problem with her selling in front of me dispensary. I'd do I would have a problem if my kids were selling and it was in front of a bar why and I feel very hypocritical if it. But I think that there are the differences in my mind is that when people go to a bar they're going there to drink and they're coming out. It whether they're intoxicated or they've had some they're coming out. From doing the activity and when you go to dispensary. And I don't know about all the dispensaries but you're not coming out from having done it you're taking home so it's interesting to you know Hazmat teams have a lot of information on balls and those who shake up. Oh yeah. What about it is triggered in part there's not a general. Are there enough. And treated the same Hugo everyone's trying to stay. At alcohol but it gonna treat it then that out yet. It's a valid point legacy and I am I I don't wanna toss out a British because believe me I'm not. It just feels weird to somebody who raised five kids I've seen a lot of stuff. No I agree I agree. Might change quite a bit mat time though I mean yeah you know we got gasoline engines this thing now on cards you know yes. Thanks. For kids I am and by.