Porch Pirate

Tuesday, December 5th


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Portland's classic rock NET 3 KG and good morning it's teary Boyd's world and you know this is a market think for a lot of people. A lot of people now the bar is set that. I going to be the Internet how can I be the first to social media how can I be ahead of the curve of every one else. Had no idea we beat the Internet yesterday about five hours did we do that port pirates man I told you I got I got attacked by a port pirate. Over the weekend and I thwarted them. Willard genius fake packages filled with weights and rocks I hope they hurt their back when they tried to pick them up here's the problem you would had a video go viral if you would have had the video I know eye of the camera inside my home I need to get another camera. Outside the home can take on the evidence and put it on the one incentives from my own personally. Outs. At the end of story reads then. Yesterday. I think it was an Olympia rent the video went viral and hurried lots of people chime in and because this time a year. I don't know what possesses people IE I guess that I do desperation. Iowa I would imagine that the person that video did not look desperate they look like there were fairly well dressed in a dog underneath their sure mother with a video. Were talking about is on the kgo and FaceBook page I'm sure you had a chance to see it's somewhere in your travels yesterday it. A great video you watch this woman get out of a car go up to a ports take a package. Start to run back to the car she doesn't make it in the car the packaged I thought she has one leg up in the car and the guy just needs to take off with outer. And she falls to the ground. While the nanny comes running out realizing that some insurance steel package and she she grabs her and in holds onto are insolvent the please come it's a great video. Here's the thing here's the thing about me. I'm a really weird guy. In Iowa this woman up on line and nanny you know of them the ports prior. Because in the story they say your name and everything where she's from as able finder FaceBook page in seconds. Okay ask questions of race OK so stop your pin over creep urban of the stock or climate other other because again the live vicariously thirty because CI thought I was in new weird when this morning I've certainly not going to be. When I make this statement after that creepy statement. I watch it on the news icon on the news originally Dow went to the web to find it because in my computer. I can stretch the image I wanted to see if she was hot because she seemed like she was. Fairly good luck in unfairly put together you couldn't see your face. She's drug addict high. I mean she's she looks like she if if she can get hurt her life together. She would probably be kind of Q does he can block up the scars in the pock marks on her face and now years and have distance is asking the question is an early twenties she's been to go to jail lots. And and she's she's recovering I mean she's going through that through recovery and she might not be elegy seems to be feeling right now I guess I've gone out and it just pointing that out but yes that was something that I I know so when you make the comment that you so martyred schubert's affluent Chua to you know not have floated is that she looked. Put together you had a fairly hot because let. Let's be honestly it was a neck down video of her in young Shia cool look and boots and things on I was like OK I'm kind of issue person so maybe she dresses up to go. I don't know I thought the last sound is gonna come our rob my house please dressed for the occasion.