Pickles - Bill

Tuesday, July 10th

How bad will this hurt.

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You morning Biggio when did. Or is this Bill Stewart of the Portland pickles that and go to Portland I thought well we're doing fantastic now. Here is the big question. I understand there might be a little bit of strife over there at Portland pickles not not amongst you guys but the pitchers. Our I've heard. Kind of jockeying for the ability to be in the Boyd. You don't watch and it's it's kind of been a heated contest here and they all want a piece of on. All overdue on those only the guys that are on the starting rotation acting get a get a chance that we're gonna book. Were or people on the pitchers are all. The money. Supplies bought. A nice which is we are put it all over for your vote while we at all. What they don't want an all don't want you to know which one being you. Well they're all gonna be up there on the amount that I think I suspect that's. A replica. That if we're gonna do that we're gonna do it right there watch a blindfold. How you know I better and better. I don't know about the blind voodoo that he ought I'll tell you what I'm game for anything bid I I have to tell you amend the guys in the sports station. When they heard that I was up Purdue honestly said I do that's great that's way funnier than thrown out our first pitch. Did they wanted to up the handy there on. Mean you can't have any Lally gags on curb balls you changeup. It asked to be chin music and I'll stick it second hand you know I get beat them all they can't come to work. Well we witnessed a picture. Without the mobile. I. There are. He uses his mouth more than he uses this had to happen yeah I get is as management I'm sure there are plenty of people are probably saying that's a good thing everything's went right in the mouth. But a tale that I cannot wait to get out to walkers stadium Thursday night. Along with the Portland trailblazers and you know be a nice night for KG one to blaze and you trail a new tradition getting hit with the first bitch. Instead of thrown out the first pitch. Know what all this government down force so we're we're actually researching. What we we are protected. Shorten the unloved. About mistakes sometimes up. I don't know why was gone at this you know I've played a little baseball my life and went and whenever the coach would you know give the signal to you know. Mean somebody our pitchers struggled minute it's like it's outside of the rotation where you nor earlier trying to throw the ball wrecked. It and and you know what he will flight you know hit it on purpose. If Popper doesn't they put in your case. You have targets over it might have a goal I enjoy. I'm not happened Tampa. Well I'm looking forward to it it's going to be a fun night and thank you for allowing us to come on hang out with the guys in the Portland pickles. It's going to be fun so archer support and I promise to be taking it in any event as the burdens. Zero and today went all I want is a nice Portland pickle stitched tattoo in my arm you know. They'll get sure. Awesome bill you have a great day it would import a senior Thursday. That much well in reply.