Phases people mess up

Thursday, April 12th

"I could care less" is a great example. It should be "I couldn't care less".


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You know a lot of people on a regular basis will watch a couple staples of the game show world bend it around almost three decades maybe even more than three decades. The jeopardy. There to prove how dumb you are. And Scioscia except this week I think it's college jeopardy seat in you know remembering them as well it doesn't you'll brings it down. When they have elementary kids on her and I got an advance terrified had done you are. Then the other staple is wheel of fortune that people tend to tune in to just hang man on TV. And when you're playing at home around your friends and your family. It seems easy and if you screw up and just to friends and family declining a little bit them. In today's world when he's stepping up 119 actually get on nagging Joseph. You're you're really right. To be fodder for the whole world the last fat laughing at you just like couple nights ago on wheel of fortune and flamingo dance lesson. And actually it turned out all yeah flamenco dance left then yeah that's we're gonna. Yeah Baghdad whole life he thought flamingo dance lessons were plum ago it wasn't even does that mean it actually he does need to read it back into and it it was right there are animals you most felt awkward missing calls all. I guess I'll take it and it really brings the light well I'll refer to as an every day embarrassment. Case in point biggest example of this is when your haven't had the schedule is remaining and they say. I could careless. That happens a lot I can care less. If you could care less that you need to work a little harder about it. I couldn't care less means your non interest it and it like that you're at the bottom of the care. There's more a year ago horror like millions yet at any lower them as. And that you know when you're in that conversation and it becomes awkward beaches do you correct them. Deal bare cement them point. And if you're the one being corrected. Do you get angry at your friends your whoever current chief humanitarian argument. I was argument in Iowa know no. Idea. You're right for years I used to say the phrase sexual connotations. I have a son named Connor Faulkner is right I used this an olive two accommodations. Why we want is somebody finally corrected me. It's connotation CS there's no bar. Think they might get the wrong thing and I are duds I mean I really had it in my mind. Will what's the one for you. All right I just tend stand when people say who literally. We need literally you're telling me that it makes absolutely no sense that you would tell me that very thing figure or be telling me. At a. Literally just ate lunch will of course you gotta just washed eat it. Yeah. We'll go let's. They say I literally died after that happened in the mentality is no you're telling you there's no way that you died. Don't know there's no way that you guys don't you're speaking meet your breathing I Hoover you count her dead. That's a whole different story but literally I don't think you're telling me the troops. I'm checking another one awful my lesson. And literally die in the right you guys got it hey thank you. No problem and here's another one I'd GM dropped an email. I have a boss. Who I really have a hard time having respect for because every time we have a meeting. He uses though phrase for all intensive purposes. Intensive purposes yes as opposed to for all intents and purposes. This may be the day I confront a model in its equipment to I don't know bed to get an idea David woods. Oh man yeah I was that this cell awaiting. This past summer and a limited period and like I haven't. Good buddy of mine used up they're given that speech and you know if Pete were really really well until. He's finally have one of those sitting and he was talking about how he had actually net. Is that buddies like it or they got together. And you know it's color one looked for interest he says partners keepers. Losers sweepers and I'm like. Why would you I mean that's probably not lightly and he got a completely raw. So he used the term finders keepers losers are sweep birdies instead of finders keepers losers and we are coming out. And just did I don't know. What would you try to sweep something the way people memory away I don't know. Had a complete the draw. Did you confront him about it and tell what the actual real meaning was. You know what I mean you know people like seen who has joined this speech Indian art come up spoke about court like dude that's not even correct. Oval like that's proper frame and you know it's like Brent keepers losers sweepers week because you've lost element girl broke a lot. We know how. Yeah. And you're the loser at I think again the daily news begs for the column in the up.