Paul Teutel Jr.

Wednesday, November 15th

Paul Teutel Jr called the show to talk about his new book


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Portland's classic rock that he Q3 kgo wine good morning it's Jerry Boyd's world and boy this was this people in our life around our house American Chopper. All huddled junior. Lee. The days what's going on. What's another day another dollar in speak in which you guys have a brand new book at least you do it's called the build. The deep dive into what was going on behind the scenes during all of those years ten years. An American shopper how much of that was set up and how much of that was just. Gut wrenching we painful. The ability to put it you know it's it's interesting. If that is the number one question and we do address than a pretty. Straightforward way rate in the opener of the book him. So you know the fact is. It's just it was all real and so that's why I think it translated in. You know none of it's made up her scripted or anything like that and and obviously for our ten year round I feel like it's. It translated. I think the raw honesty of the show is what media in part so successful. And made it lasts for so long and I think it's what. It's what made it really double for the average. Viewer out there. And so you know I guess the short answer is it was all real and continues to be real and that's. An award right now. Doug and Paul Tuttle junior is has new book out called the build the the I have today when I used to watch your show religiously have five sons. And they would look at me. Win your dad would be screaming at you with this look of like. Which one of these is it normal that this I didn't scream and yell at them there are wondering and it was like I I just felt horrible for you man. You know I think a lot of people did. But you know very quickly people got used to the dynamic and I think it it was a big part you know it's crazy it's like that aspect of the show I think. At the time and I don't think it holds true today that the time. It was what really set us apart from everyone else which was the dynamic you know however ugly however find however. Whatever was is what it was you know and I think that's what people really liked about it. Paul Tuttle junior for American choppers you're working with your dad you're going through this volatile relationship it's ought airing out on TV it's a big part of the success of the TV show. And then you end up getting fired from your dad and only a lot of people work for their family or understand what family dynamics are alike in in the work place. What was going through your head when when he fired you. Well you know that was the end of 2008. And you know I was pot committed it looks easy man I was in it to win it and so. You know look if we have had altercations through the years even network firm in the steel business where I didn't where we had falling out some things in. Technically firings but they were we short lived but this was different and you know once it's set in that this was real. It was a very difficult time you know it's very hard to separate yourself. From the very thing that you help in such a significant way to create from from the ground up so. That was difficult but I had to transition and in the end turn that it really ended up being in the best thing that ever happen I mean. And from a from a numbers standpoint some you know I started my own business. I got out from that oppressive environment and that unhealthy relationship and then realize well this is not really acceptable type behavior which. When you're ending your whole life you don't know any different so you just assumed. That everybody's deal with the same thing and now. And then you know it is it was a transition period for me but it was good because it is in the process that it enables me to mature. And where it was kind of stunted where was that so in some ways it was it was one of the best thing that ever happened to me. And I've been at the time it didn't feel like that of course it never does but it was part of the process you know creating quality new designs. Alltel junior is our guest this morning is as a new book out called build and he would you guys were gone to that'll thing. At Orange County Choppers OCC. The money started Rolen and big time. What was more important creative control arm make in the money. No I mean the creative process was something that I enjoy it the money was a nice addition. You know what it really started rolling in note was. In my father on the company's so wasn't now I want to make in the money all the money that was wrong when then. I mean technically I was making the money but I wasn't getting it now there are those big part of actually why we were getting the money you know. So but it was financially rewarding for everybody just the same and the creative always stayed. Really important to me because that's my thing you know that's mine that's what I do that's my my portion that I contribute so. And that remains true to today and honestly for me they go hand in hand because you know I look at everybody kind of billed as this you know the opportunity to show case. For the next person who want to buy it what it is that we can do you. For example from a creative standpoint and a marketing standpoint theater remember I mean we're we're so marketing you know on selling out. But seeing bike and that's how I operate inside integrate everything that's important that client charity your individual. Into the bike itself you know. Did I get it they're Thomas were almost at a time with the use of Paul Tuttle junior now only the of the new book out called the ride. You're coming back to TV with a new season of American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. And don't really look forward to see in the new season. Thank you so much for your time this morning Paul yeah.