Parkers dead chicken

Wednesday, July 11th

A difficult call that needed to be made.

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Matt's is. A guy who could run for father of the year biggest concern biggest that the Big Sur La Abdullah. I know your rattled. Because your biggest concern is that and like most dollars is that you don't screw up your kid's biggest fear alive yes turn of the kids. It really is a job being a parent I know not everybody takes it that way and I you know you hear the stories of people who had horrible parents right now. You're you had quite an experience last night that involved the neighbor's house. Yeah my son my son my Elvis and Parker is how sitting for the neighbors their way on vacation and and SC goes over the every day has over a few times a day in and take care of all the animals live like animals and cats dogs chickens I mean just it's like a hole that's a lot of houses have chickens now I am ya and so idea on the morning what's the chickens out during the day goes and checks on him and then and I he has a lot of back into the chicken soup. And last night he went over there we cinema over after dinner and he came back and he was he was hysterical. And my wife is like with what's up for me and let me walk with you. He didn't know what was going on and my wife got over there in the realism to that one of the chickens died. And gave me what I at a day you know that it was dead he was later on his back but his feet and Larry up in the air army that was. It was a very clear but they admit we have partnered in over their earlier in the day. And to chickens are fine and so it was we've narrowed it down to within about three hours. You know three or what time stamp even chickens and so my wife goes over there and she's calling me and she's hysterical because. She's you know she loves animals and here's here's a dead chicken and it and it what's the protocol right I mean and there are a lot of things down that are very handy do and so you know she had to call them that the neighbors who were away on vacation we don't want a bug and say hey by the way when you're animals. Are no longer with us. Allotted to against a work up that conversation has to go on cable Heidi year. How how to heady start discovers he has your vacation going things get fantastic when you chickens that yes this is she she called me hysterically and I went over the neighbor's house to have to kind of comfort her a little bit. And then she made the phone call. And it it was weird it was like this how you kind of work incident. Into the conversation now is vacation OK okay. I got some bad news for you. Here and there is that window it's like okay how far into the conversation do you go before you drop because you know you get it out the weeds aren't they start done about discrete time they're having right now you're back to why didn't enjoy I don't and I can't tell now I'll detritus tomorrow right interest. No she she told them and and we thought that an animal had gotten into the incentive that the pen area that the chickens were walking around in. But the neighbor's and told my wife that I guess when chickens or are coasted to dying because this chicken was all. When they're close to dying the other chickens will. Expedite that they'll take amount they know they put out a hit they'll take him out because they don't want it. Vulnerability. For another animal to command has me I mean there's there's like IR Regina Miller once once went to barbecue starts on everyone in the neighborhood. Yeah your hunger and so so they'd written I guess they took. This chicken out and it was me it was heartbreaking to see. In it was heartbreaking knowing that you know Parker's dealt with. Death or you know our cat died just under a year ago. And but he he didn't see it we have to go take Pete to them to the vet and put Pete down. He didn't see it was it was an easy. A softer step and much softer yeah this I think is the first time he's ever seen anything. You know of any real size. It's dead. That's always a creepy experience for anybody to matter when you're an adult or child you know when you when you got honestly see deaths on whatever level first hand them. It'll stay within the moon I ice storm a remand a bit of the first time I it's still in my head forty years later and it's it's one of those things. So out of the rest Psycho we able to. Well we comforted him in and made sure he knew wasn't his fault and you know it. It was it was bedtime anyways so we know is probably gone there goes my paycheck so yeah if I want to alert was my next chance is trying to do what how's that for a neighbor like cars gotten farther away right now that's really interest in that whole thing about the chicken I'd you know I don't know anything about chickens. S troops can just be the neighbors trying to come for my life you know saying that this is what they do other somebody friend that you US chicken soup and who can either verify or tell you that that's not true because it makes a lot of sense. In the animal kingdom and it ended if there's a if there's a week chicken wop walking around the coop they're gonna take it out in a one name they don't want any bad guys coming into the neighborhood friend of the show trucker rob what's going on this morning. Hey Bill Maher and that there are you certain. They were great what's going on. Met him through my friend I act here I can give my all while I have got about thirty QG get them to recoup. You know what gig at ethnic or injured immediately look take I'd like the weakest point we will take that particular animal. Our hand validated a good game that it happened that would then be creeping in not ready in Kirkuk. Or you know or like you're at it tracked your creditors or whatever else could pretty much. I used to get that particular marketing at. Walk out that it's. A pretty good pretty much. Didn't hear them off. You have got to look around the Panama final when it's learned a pinky ring in half and smoking a cigar right yeah later this and that is an. You got it exactly all about what is sheer amount owed they'll straighten out had. I yeah that about a month to go are my body called me up on all the more urgent. Hey you out of date yet and they're good at everything go. By the way how gunfire you're wired McBriar collapse. Wow. Com Kyra and I look like I don't think you're like where there are many many years doll like a WEP. Goes. I do reasonable period you're out a lot of fire in your wife has collapsed in my front yard everybody a look I'm a direction I'm only about three blocks out. I can either vote I'd worried about 25. To J. D. Drew down now or I'll live I hear corner bar about what my blade going around the corner. Yeah you you thought you would lead with the other guys today a serious thing your houses on fire and your wife is not doing well get home right. Forward largely locked everything I mean I got paired you will. I hacked a hole antique guns throw my dad to. That way right now are being out Luger all concerned due to apologize. That she could not yet begun and I'm like baby are you fine yeah. I think yet why yes we haven't cured her mother Margaret Hamburg. You know the thing you need to really find out those you know there was probably one chicken over there with a pink hearing the cigar and a map to the this job within the legality. No he did why there is incredible I'm glad you in your life for our OK and an insurance has taken care stuff. And I do appreciate that guys say. You guys do you don't want. Lap wrapped up every morning and a semi well here right with me maybe why they took out but eager to do brother. Appreciate it rob have yourself a great game a friend. Aren't married or.