Paris Naked Restaurant

Tuesday, November 14th

Would you be willing to eat dinner in a restaurant where everyone, including you, is naked?


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Classic rock NET three KG going to morning as jury board's role I'm Terry I'm mad I'm still trying to wrap my head around this nudity thing that's starting and I'm worried it's gonna come the US has started and parents are you familiar with this restaurant where you have to eat the nude. Like completely naked right. I would probably never go to that restaurant the restaurant is sold out for months in advance now I'm I'm in the same quarter free we view. Dead I'd I don't wanna sit on somebody else's. What marks. On I mean like or why do you think give cowboy hats. In bathrooms. So you don't have to sit and other people's buck print on talk with the paper yeah I don't wanna going to a restaurant and I'd ideally you'd be a full sheet like butcher paper that you put down on the seat as to think about it do you really want to put your butt or someone else has but his was and god forbid it's even something other than. You know their but it. I don't I was thinking more of the distraction factor. You're onto it right there I think this is a clever ploy. A somewhat clever ploy. By. A message from the Parisian government I don't know for sure if that is Parisian government somewhat clever ploy. To continue to get their people would be healthier eat better be in better shape because if you want. Think about it machine yeah absolutely you're not gonna go to psyche is set iMac gonna go you're not gonna go to a restaurant eat the nude because. I don't mind that he's seen me naked. I don't wanna lock in there. Like in lashing look like Adonis. Or you know a supermodel ten do you really wanna sit around that people look at to make it and quite frankly do you want elect. At twos and threes here's the thing I I've never been to a nude beach but if you go to a new beach you'll see a bunch of twos and three absolutely they don't care what you bait I grew up by by a nude beaches can serve an all time. The ball walked to the old water scarred my high iris oral. Because you're at there's people that are gonna go to this restaurant and not care what you think of third two. Probably a handful but I I would imagine overtime. IID if they put a camera in there and I I don't know they can do it because it's you know it's nude. If they put a camera there on the first couple it is three months in you're gonna see the client they'll change. You see the clientele. Sex it up they're gonna look better they're gimmick and and they're gonna be in better and better shape and I'll bet you. It'll be that guy is that would get him better shape quicker because the realize. There's potential move here in this restaurant. Think about it so if you do you think people are gonna restaurant hookah. There's a potential onion like all restaurants have a bar you don't of the bar there's potentially can hook up I I doubt you're going there for family doctor let's put it gets letter first day. All right is everybody till after close that's going to have a bite to eat I I just. If you look at the dynamics and it's a little sneaky right. Is you start up by saying you wouldn't go I know the reason why you wouldn't go you're not confident to ship two years ago. You might say I'm all in let's go. I ever would have said Amal and I mean even when I was in better shape I don't know if that was something it did it to me just wouldn't really. The exciting to go to a restaurant make it I promise you I would always have a napkin in my lap that's currently a little incidents here.