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Friday, August 24th

One sock is a winner.

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I think this is gonna lead us to a potentially in a brand new segment and it comes to us from friend to showed Taylor. I think I have a title. For the segment because Taylor brings up for a really interesting question and he starts off. Guys you're always testing the boundaries of normality. I would say that we intend to. Test the frailties. Oh what is perceived to be normal do you agree with that gap because we LC the world. As we limit and then we assume. That that's normal that's the way everyone else that hell's wrong with you guys is like one of those kind of things. He says I wanna run something by you guys. My family has made fun of me for probably the last ten years or so. You see when I get dressed. I put one sock on then one issue. Then once on and then one issue. My family says that I'm odd you're supposed to put your socks on and then your shoes both socks and then both shoes. So says his family. Far be it for me to pass judgment on on what's going on at Taylor's life but you certainly good. And now little segment will OnStar referred to as okay. No way. OK. No way. An everyday thing you do it you have to do it every day Alicia weren't flip flops and that probably brings in something weird their two. So is it normal for word the Taylor to put on based soc and then eight issue and then the other sock in the in the other issues. Who does that. 503733. Sheila viva three. 7335466. Your morning kgo and OK or no way when it comes to your friend showed Taylor. I learned what I do and whatever however you want to go to the. I'll keep your eyes Alan ma medal yeah judgment on hi kgo and Freddie show Taylor what's. Is it okay or no way when you put on one she won stock. Yeah good. And if you might think about that you probably are when you gotta put the other wanna nearly. That is bid to actually thank you IG GON no way or OK when it comes to try to show Taylor. Book I didn't. I. Yeah I've had a guy got one leg up there I get up on it and enjoy and I'm now. I. Yeah he's already out there he muzzled do both of the really really did all. But it won't. Bloody here I'm all the breeder and. Uh huh uh huh. I meant mentality and they have added that he could think of any either one of those deals are you willing to confess which when you are you to argue that you're. Yeah I do is likes them into issues seen I think offense that has some one sock one shoe I noticed in the other day her weirdo. And I did notice I was Lehman bit I do you have difficulty getting. I can't seal locked up after weird to have a national Auburn in the other foot barefoot and I don't I don't think I have always done it that way I don't know why Allison and change that. I changed to the and I think used to be two sides to issues. Somewhere along the somewhere along the window I switched to one sock when she won soc one shoe and you don't know win. I have no idea I just happened when Taylor you know you as email from Taylor probably week week and a half ago. So us our contention what I do an ally. Crap on the dealers keep that I am sure bill would make fun of you know I don't really know addressed early in the morning so so far I'm in the normal camp most people say it's okay that's what they're doing. You got a guy might put into socks and then 2 issues on it morning. Or opera what have grave that you're talking to shoot Spock I'm sure. A young I seriously. The other doesn't that mean oh they're bad medicine god man you always benign or. George I go back and forth I don't work with my mom my election that I'm on my left well I'm on my life where I'm all right well. I guy SE I'll win the a 100% on that that's another 141 suddenly issue. Good morning kgo land. They're gonna be a very real and more people are odd. But I don't doubt I would much water at the question brought up outside. Yeah I think this I don't go outside for my shoes but my issues are not the same places my socks when I'm getting dressed. I shoot or not. What doorstep economic market or out. You know it's interesting it's about 5050 right now whether it's one sock one issue. Or two socks two issues. No doubt. And Nike deal and yet have barrier a thing about one block orange duke yes. This might put down marker. And earlier work talks. Well up would you hold other categories so you're all accuracy young people a boat shoes on time. Or are. You can just think your products and it. That I yeah I mean they're your feeling eBay has them in is that not wears socks and I realize when they wanna keep my issue up almost killed my family. The truth and my delegate well nobody I kgo land. Guys this these side. An open mind these are totally shot the fact embassy in its third in two days so I do everything it wants when I'd get him out there. Turkey meter replacement than having it take your shoes off. He would take your shoes off one of the time and then. Yeah well yeah America's good. They don't come off together at the same time if I kicked him off our feet. Nah I mean he'd take years she is off and then you go back and take your Sox offered to you dig you that. Now you've just blown my eyes sign I guess I can't think you something now might on the same day. Yeah. That is a good question on a good twist on it appreciate you snide. Brother negativity.