OK-NO Hire Wingman

Tuesday, September 11th

Why bring sand to the beach?

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Gaining as an awkward thing when you think about when you were a teenager or you know maybe your in your early twenties and now maybe you're in Europe late thirties. Forties and maybe you were needing to jump back into the dating world. Awkward. To say the least. But thank goodness there's somebody out there to help you up. 38 dollars an hour is what's gonna cost to hire these professional wing man. I can see where my come in handy. I can totally see where it would come and Andy but don't your friends. Yeah but I don't know if your friends see here's the thing. Your friends in Maine know you'd too well and therefore they are not the best the wing man if you go back into your. Dating world before you were being your long term relationship. Really few people have friends that are good wing men because if it's if it's worth the game they wanna get in on the game. They give out no it's clear that you weren't a good wing ma'am I never was doing meant no eight it's one of those things where. There was always competition going on between me and my buddies you anybody's didn't have any kind of understanding and then not really did there there and and and and and and maybe maybe again I could be the odd man out of this conversation to you can adjust and play there's a great epiphany just happened there. I may not have been in the world's greatest swing and you might be the greatest wing man but that leaves just do it okay or no way. Jump back into the dating world in the gaming world and just focus back to windy weather you rent it or not. Hinder this sort of Frey made the dating world really easy it seemed like. Well OK the I think tender cuts to the chase that we expect it but yeah out of it makes it easy but it definitely cuts that she is tested chase had to have to go to dinner and awkward conversations tea. Well maybe after there might be an awkward conversation. Okay no way would you pay for professional wing man 503733. Kgo and give morning kgo land. Art analog atlas air I'm caller on about the. The professional wing man 38 dollars an hour okay or no way. But you know I'm gonna go OJ. Abbe. Actually how we. A tough. So he's got to have a Red Bull in his pocket as what you're saying there. Are. A couple. I get a WUP kind of CK you mark that having a professional wing man. We give me the confidence to get back out there because boy I couldn't imagine being in the dating world right now. Well like if you're old there's no way to help. I've done. You know I I think I might go to the doll ranch you know and I and I and I don't mean like other good Vegas no no not now when I'm talking there like they have a range now where they have like the dolls that instead of what is actual people Alia a total of all. Yeah so that you know. Occur. I doubt pointedly said to broken human being would want any interaction with the human being it laughter. Wait so that future and they make that that all of actually talk. No men oh no idle are reminded of my performance or lack thereof. If Freddie show mark appreciate the call my friend have a great day. Friendly show Kenny says wing man why would you add another option for it's tough enough out there. Kenny can't. Yeah now. I know that you think that there are these wing men out there that are just gonna sit down on the side and then they're not gonna wanna sample ID I just don't buy it does make it seem like there's there's. Only one option and it's just it's like you're going for the via. You know that the the sprout is coming out of the your eye on the guy there's only one there on the guy it's everyone has different taste in differently I understand you know what when your hungry you'll eat just about as you know he is now. You know that stroke equip block and you know that's how guys are. That's exactly hi guys every guy is maybe not every guy you might be the exception I think the majority of guys man in the name they see an opportunity. They'll take advantage of it if if it's available to them. I could be wrong. Under that I'm editing grow pleasure for me based or you know but yeah I never went out of my friends anyone of the wing man I was always on lockdown been married once. Some fun that'll make you guys that I'm a lock down the right exactly yeah I. Mean immediately I need to make it out there. Up that didn't sound very good based on email phone call so far I'm surprised it's about 5050 OK no way when it comes to hiring a professional wing man. No way but if somebody's are obsolete what I'll do for twenty bucks an hour. If you don't get all around I don't get paid. You know but that's I like the fact they get skin in the game and you're confident. You're confident of your wing man ability C I am not I know that I'm not a good wing man. And I'll be available males or females either way you have put. You don't you don't score I don't get. Either way you get a night out though right. I like doing your thing demanded appreciate the advice the embody our. Thank you seem pretty company in your ability to be a wing man. Where were you where you are good wing man back that he casino do you have a unique situation you married her high school sweethearts though. You weren't out playing in the field so you weren't out of the scale and it makes door I was out but it it makes being going man a lot easier when you when you don't have to. You know. Try and pick up anyone for yourself if you're not looking for an away game you already have a home game it's just I I I understand Ciba like the rest of us we were always just looking for any game when there was home. Or away or somewhere in between so it's got to be good teammate. The whole thing I don't know I don't know if everyone is a good team and and I'll throw myself comments sort I don't know from a good wing man I guess it would be now if you know him. Not if I am married but it's one of those things. Where if I were not married mount. There's something about a beautiful mind. Good morning friend showed James what do you think OK or no way. No way. You Barack if you're good under the. The and the Seattle a sand in your friends are always in competition with your for the same girl dear friends try and indeed there is Diaz elbow each other for you know attempt to get in place for the girl or do you guys have like an understanding. Good understanding archer technology now open. Hell I even an ally you've been a semi professional wing man. I've ever while yeah I don't long history of smoker oh geez I'm Margot water conga. The I you know that's interesting because I just got an email from friend showed Kerry says winning women would be a better choice. Just a female perspective. Yeah but they'll never know who they are launching an opening there aren't going to return. T there is most honest answer. And guys we think everybody wants so badly.