Odd Placed Stuff

Monday, September 10th


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So this morning we found out that there was a woman who. A Avian here this is gonna you're gonna say. WTO right now a year you pretty much are going to. Over the weakening Connecticut there was a power outage. And there are two things you do and it went a power goes out you either know where your flashlight is. Or you try to find candle and this woman reaching your drawer where she knew were candles were pulled out a candle lit it unfortunately was a stick of dynamite. Is ridiculous. Ridiculous it's like a road runner. Cartoon right Wiley Coyote kind of thing. She heard her hand she's fine she's survived. And India you know let's just but the obvious question out there. With Al has dynamite. I draw on the outs or and who put next to the candles as a case of an emergency in the dark you're not gonna know the difference in intense you hurt your hand. Now I posed the question early this morning of everybody does have something bizarre. In their home that's out of place it shouldn't be there you know it shouldn't be there but for whatever reason you're too lazy to move that are put in its proper place. I EB two examples from my home. There is a drill in our kitchen in a roar. It's in the door with the governments were not even in the junk tour now it's in the oven Mitt driver it's up it's almost like an oven Mitt wait it sits on top of the government it's been there for at least three maybe four years I think they can Trace it back to woman wife decided she wanted to. Redo all over kitchen cabinets and she'd just took a part to come down move. Did what she was going but she dated anyway. Ending clean up after her side note that drill and I have moved that drill a hundred times to get oven Mitt apple pizza out of them and that kind of deal. Not once have I thought hey I don't want to set the ground to go to back in the toolbox where comes truck and we also have a bicycle in her bathroom. The guest bathroom downstairs. But the kids come over there at the you know that too we have hardwood floors and our house by Graham and how they kind of run around the house in nice Emmy and their little kids they can't go that far right is like a little bike it's a tiny bite but still it's a little weird when you're there doing your business you're wiser by school and right and it's Ethel. Restraints. So Matt what is the weirdest thing that you have your house right now that's out of place I don't know why but I sore my labels in my Dresser. Like your clothes Dresser. So like my rivals like like when when bill lights burnout meaning we go find my balls for some reason that became the storage area. Of of our like balls. I wondered why your house smelled like dvds. Yes it's an excellent speech at Bethesda at all that they heat up the baseball like under pits that's now that's interesting to you that you probably stuck him in there because they're padded Brent I don't know why we did it it when we moved into this house just like three years ago and that's just where they ended up I mean we've got to. Like a laundry room has like all the batteries and has a bunch of other stuff that would be the perfect place to distort and how are you wanna keep idols you wanna you wanna muzzle those labels rapid Mensa nice soft cotton yeah my nature that they don't break I don't get why they're there just haven't I haven't found a new spot form. That's interesting British judge David said hey guys I haven't tiles saw in the corner of our dining room. It's been there now for four years since I did at Kyle drive tile job in our kitchen. I don't know why haven't put it away but it's that's its new home. That's interest of assuming the job is done job done also is pretty big job that take up a whole corner of that dining room now promised us an interest in conversation. Friend to show cabin. Ominous and Kevin the younger guy because they can relate to this. Says guys avid dirt bike in my living. I don't have a garage in my apartment. In there and bin rare and I'll tell you it makes a really easy to work on your motorcycle is always in prime condition can voice your to sit around doing nothing is like. Aaron Guiel. Do a top band are clean air filter but you probably don't get your security deposit and I know. You didn't get well. Afraid to show Fred says I ever saw blade in my bathroom juror I don't know why. It's been there at least five years right next to the toothbrush. A threat but we're not feel it come home empty your pockets you throws up and down and ends up. In it whatever doors closest to you or sits on a countertop. Inner room for no apparent surge screwdrivers all around my house. Most people do right I mean giants and but you can never find one when you need writers are hiding in places that they shouldn't be them. I since the tape to the remote control I don't know. For any showed Georgia promised you says guys I think I have the ultimate. Thing that's out of place in my house. I haven't toilets on my back porch. It's been there for a couple years every once in awhile. I put it in the front yard and sit on it while I read the paper. I. Tell priceless that's so funny do you imagine. You're out walking your dog there's your mirror to sit on the Q and read the paper in the front yard that's been that somebody who has a really good since the U trying to bring the property value down. Yeah.