No danger Matt-xmas lights at night

Wednesday, December 6th

Matt is afraid of the dark.


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Portland's classic rock Eddy -- three key GO Landon good morning it's theory Boyd's world got an email I owe you an apology according to Troy M along oh you met a policy. I mean a little hard on Matt nominees to command class. I agree with you Jerry that you hang your lights and at at night but just as Matt is. As safety John just doesn't mean that. He doesn't deserve some respect. So I apologize. I'm confused on wired YE you have to do deny it'd be a man well that's when that that's that's when the professionals from up. And it any gut and got me thinking that. I'm not sure if you are more afraid of dark. Or afraid of the heights. Well I'm in a polite. It's a domination of the two remaining put the two together and it's and it's good spells disaster. What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done in your life the most dangerous thing your gives you are probably the most safety conscious buttoned up. Person but I I let me peek behind the veil. When you get your paycheck fury have everything bid by party figured out every column where it's gonna go to a game there's there's never column of and I'm Linda binder like today. And there's that Connor is this there is an irresponsible column bit there. All the other all of their health first and here is what OK what oh what an irresponsible column like in in mats world. With the likened gambling only development of gambling on the weekends and so gambling which is you know OK that's a dangerous column that would be that would that government on that column dangerous column yeah so do you like it's it's a fund money column should an enemy and that's whatever they're responsible column the respond to you wouldn't college dangers he would you wouldn't go out why do dangerous things that don't I'm not. It's not like a an adrenaline rush for me to go in and you know would jump off a bridge or something like that so what is the most dangerous thing you've ever done probably jump off a bridge to order. You know when your kids need jump off roofs of houses and and you know things like that agreement. That's closet door there a two story roof. Probably one. Well I'll I. Anyway approximately then I would have bet that you sat down on your but hung your legs over the edge of the room no big and then shuffled down low so was all like half the job now because we have to get a good jump way to get distance on it. But I would I would probably watch my dumb friends do the two that you know the two story and has since Harry how many false starts that you have how many false starts to do you have got doubled up once they commit one story no one's committed to doing it I was all right it was it was one of those things where. I know that I'm gonna have to do this I've got friends around. In a birdie committed to doing it I know that I'm gonna have to do it does look like an idiot to produce false starts are just I would I would go for it your friends okay. Pakistan and a fumble leaving on the false start lots to buy the false start because I I don't know I did. Something tells me that that you had false starts with the EC had borne out. Did your friends have to cheer you wanna push you to do it to adapt to tell you. Come on Matt don't be a may need you probably leading up to me deciding actually that I'm going to do her idea and what they always gone to your my lawyer called prime in the latter going up the roof. We think now we reappear in the our draft another Q I'm going to be in so much trouble by getting hurt my mom's gonna be mad at me that they have never broken a bone. And I mean I I I just never really that now that's never interest me I mean yes I I rode motorcycles on when scuba diving I've I've probably done. Jet skiing a little bit too and talked intoxicated. I've done you know I'd I mean that's against a lot NASA's identity and how the law I know but it doesn't all things. And you know it's not edges and never push myself to you know that'd be huge adrenaline rush. For the record the majority of the emails after Torre's thinking Ayman. Say in Baghdad that I do all you are appalled because I that was kind of cheap shot you need to command class but the fact of the matter is. Most of the people only ones that they hang their lights at during the day. Now I don't know if that's true or not I just know I didn't in the dark you. Because it was easiest by anyone to waste my daytime checking every ball. Was easy to roll amount look at them it's dark oak either find put a mop. Where where I won't and this is just me and why don't do it as some people accuse me of being afraid of hard work. I'm not I can sit and watch it hold it we'll open but ID kits and avenue due to take down of the lights that's where one where I always ran into trouble. I would undo one corner and just yank him. Panel and it just gets the red sea of the Iowa and relaxed here and break highway Abdullah to get so frustrated with me so aren't so we've determined a are you afraid of the dark of the night. Domination okay. Danger is not your friend you don't like danger I don't look for it will you put lights up this weekend because after this weekend it doesn't count hourly. We put a couple lights up Hillary this week but not a couple a couple lights up around some window. Under the weight battle latter is that it's a half mast today where they are did you hurt if we had earlier we wanna be in the cool game I wouldn't want to be the next week we don't wanna be the one house with the neural lights out so our guys.