New Girlfriend

Wednesday, December 20th


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Good morning hysteria boards ruled what's going on man hey I'd dotted different want to hear what and I. I would love seeing some ideas from our Brothers and sisters out there at listeners. I had a brand new girl. Don't know anything about yet what you yet that one for Christmas light. Without being extravagant you don't wanna be. Block. Do you want to be there. Mute on I noticed. Right there emits it at that's a tough when you don't wanna be a mean mother Ralph for if you know if you know gone up right lung in a wanna say the bar too high. As in the after reset every single time at soleil like your shelf elf on the shelves tradition in. I guess you go big and very nice ending below med star that scab off the night you go big in the beginning you're gonna have to keep your big bigger out. I also noticed that in the he didn't want our top our opinion he RD nos were a hundred shows in. Yeah as advice is crap that's. I. Braylon lettuce is cut to yell just cut deal and I wanna I wanna know listeners. Have to say sell 503733. Key GO and is our number here 503. 7335466. That's a tricky one when you pick up a new girlfriend. You catch one right right. Garrett and right now right before the holidays. I like I nose gets out awful. Is that really the window in which you wanna catch one because you know it comes an extra expenses. And you know. Well it's a double edged sword because again it does come with the expenses but do you really wanna be alone on an island. Holidays like Christmas while they're here while it appears adamant there's two theories due brings into the beach. You know you go there's the beach though everywhere and with party people and in and doing their own thing you really bush seat as we see the world little skewed you an idea because we've been in relationships for a long time. The new way of the world is man play the field and people are like above board they're talented they talk it out. It talking out amongst themselves well I Tuesday UN I can go up phenomena go out Wednesday and Friday with your best friend. Well all we know he could be doing that happen you know he's he's got one that he's playing the field with and he's got to figure out if he gets a gift and a one you get someone when you're in a brand new relationship listener camp right away gives female perspective don't set the bar too high. Does in your stack haven't raised that bar over and over and over again in the whole candle at dinner in me you know yeah I'm dinner for her and everything that's that the barber. And that's a lot of extra work you know the situation what do you say. While I gotta say is Derek indicating condoms flower issue that's on this and Glenn played some. Oh we'll look at Seattle's belt. Yeah yeah. I want. They alleged gun into the library a plus I'm on the Internet yeah. I want to go ahead and vote and I make it both. Throw curry that is shown. Yeah yeah. I don't think there's anything better I think we solved all the dilemmas all the riddles and all issues. In one. Well statement you sir won the radio today. All. Police Julie I thought because we have good strategic alliance and he. That is still around 76. Well Merry Christmas and thank you so much. They met at we actually are. There you go I I think problem. Solved the problem that'll a lot like a lot less work and heavily to candlelight dinner and by the way every time you hear this now. Putting in everything can and if any team that's got Barack. Or I want that rock in experience right that is the way instantly out.