New bar sugestion

Thursday, April 19th

The new show goal has been set by listeners.


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Or organ I'm trying to sell our new barn and goal we passed spicy the mark yesterday 183 just being show number one day before it was always on a quest to get to another number. Now listeners Sean thinks we should tied into the Simpsons on fact he did all that homework. 634. Episodes and counting. That could be a floating number. And that bothers you. It does bug me that you know and I asked there's not but doctors and doesn't feel like it's iron and one of the members of the ethnic aisle it's uncomfortable. This is owed to Brinkley we have our own words can't remember just a few awkward this feels like we're always negotiating sort like that you had a suggestion. You have chip and I hear a call OK we'd. I didn't make the concert crowd really got its base actually has been some really controversial subjects. And also you know this Summer Olympics would come and not sought did you Libya court again before you know I. Yeah no good and you're right so so you. I have faith that we make it to the Simpsons marker you don't. I'll try it early like EPO I love that show I never meant to nick on all the time that interpret their dad and my gadget site so me. Realistic to expect. Sure thing theft so you think which it tied to the what are from blues festival because it was us think our necks out. That got George surrogate here and I'm negotiating with big boss bill. Yeah exactly exactly you just never know you guys some guys if they like follow up another time but I don't know about you my white Mike Gillespie you know I'll at all. I. That's bad that we have that reputation but then again it is somewhat good I guess our goal I liked that idea. Right now yet another and in the mix that's it that's not a bad idea Tynan the Thurgood. We get insular stroller forget that the good that we do with patrol that began in the it's the cockpit and I don't know again and that's a good thing or bad thing maybe that it may we should they get a baby step. Acted acted George thorough gave bad B July 7. The B a kind of an attainable short number in the Simpson's would be able to ratchet up and then.