Neil Schon 2

Friday, January 19th


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It has been the worst kept secret and may be in the entire history of rock music journey Def Leppard. Are they going on tour. Now yes other kind of Portland yes they are the come on September 28 Mota senator. Not sure who's gonna open because they're gonna transfer back and forth they switched you know I don't know what the rotation has that. We talked annual earlier this morning you told us yes sometimes Roy opened the Basel close. Bottom line is a lot of hits on between the two bands between journey in depth on them when we're talking to Neil. I asked emperor and odd question you may agree or disagree depends you know I'd. I I just know what minor actions have been over over the years. Niels been famous. Since he was fifteen years old he's in his sixties. Think about living your life inside that bubble and asked them and they stay humble. Well you know to me it's always been about the music you know for real. I didn't do it for any other reason that in picked up I gave it's our. For any other reason besides wanting to advocates are Lebanon music is so he loved the music the way as you know. And it's very very real it's it's not you know. I don't have any alternative motive. Into it. To become Iraq are you do it become a millionaire it's like you know I did to play music is so. I'm still coming from not and so I think it means the most to me. Obviously as a musical plant and that is conveyed to a huge audience and that the audience continues comment yet. And see myself as I'm I'm very humbled by the fact that I've been able to have this. Great career so alone. You know I was look at some the last night and how is that believe me I was digging through my cassettes because they can't find a copy any other way in this. But you have been in so many projects. And one of my personal Fave who was HS AS egg our show on aaron's century of and I I popped the cassette to stop the cassette player in my house and Alice listen into the top of the rock and I realize. Any song that starts with I've taken a lot of lip. That's a punch in the face kind of song. That's Sammy. Right unsuited as panic. Is there anything but. Is there anybody you still wanna work with like a project has I mean you open a vault and a lot of stuff. You know there's always. You know project. There's so many great musicians. You know he is somebody that I have options sentiment. Maybe interest in to work with cadet activities of musical. And it acted brings something a little differences table that would be very melodic. You know as you know he's he's. At a many different passes. You know about him I think. How would be interesting menu in staying together on the same stage. We're at it is that an intimidating place free to be because you seem. Kind of like real easy going in skiing seems like he might be a little bit strong minded. You know how how do you work around working with people like that you know to kick your ideas across. You know I've only met and long and it was in the beginning in. At least his career in Japan. And it was funny we were playing them once as a venue. Is a lot of the halls in Japan there's split up. While others one concert going on one side is another war going on the other side. Is that we met a lot the and we had a nice chat but it was very easy going. You know is likely that they had them I understand. Where he's removed from a low of Oman team. You know regret it is something with him and Nomar maybe like some kind of art project and take it a bit outside. Well I have to tell you is being in a pleasure chatting with you I cannot wait till September 28. Mota senator. Yet it it'll be journey. Def Leppard I'm not sure in the rotation who's going to be first on stage and first to bed or last onstage last the bed but we will be there for. All of the hits that are gonna come our way. That's where eighty thank you so much.