Neil Schon 1

Friday, January 19th


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Portland's classic rock and 83 kgo and good morning theory Boyd's world is got to be the worst kept secret in rock. Journey Def Leppard going out in two or 28 teen date was announces. This morning Mota center September 28. Neil Sean legendary guitarist that would think you guys love to be on tour together. Are we getting years ago I think it was thirteen fourteen years ago. And it was a great Tor for both of we got along really well and pulled in a great audience I mean you know we bought all. Great chess individually about both of us together I think should be a phenomenal crowd and and you know we have a lot of hits between us. Yeah no kidding me oh how. How do you guys decide who's gonna go one person who's gonna close the show when you desert touring together. Well we you know we talked about Adam we're gonna co headlined. Is so weak flip flop from night to night. Do you and let I'm just speaking from experience are you at that point in your life read rally go on first as you know you gotta get to bed. Buried body. I just. Yeah about me you know I do enjoy going on that and they need to get about it but I enjoy going on for us. Because you get to get out of there appear right and a neck that he. I wasn't hidden I notice like to do that Brian being on the road is not fond. All right I gotta ask you something that you know is Portland ask his man after announcing yesterday you're gonna be on the show I'm not lion Tia. At least a hundred emails people wanna know is there any chance. That dean could sit behind the drums if not only on the whole two hour here in Portland for one night. Which is you know I can't answer. You know certainly dean dean is doing very well is a great friend of mine and you know we've been in touch and and actually playing quite a bit. You know is now from leaders and you know I'm I suppose you could take it up with where it's these. That the interest thing right maybe cab both of those guys play together. That's a great idea. I think anywhere I love that idea. You know what do you ought to let me manage deal. You'll be out early to bed early and everything. What we're yeah you know will not only Mets and how many gay popped up on stage early scene get on the next down America is. Not many merged deals as I possibly can do and we'll and and I'm gonna take care of every single heading that could possibly come your way how's that. And oh. All right you got it. There ego they have put it put it put it in stone. When we were talking when Neil. The first order of business I would do about his new show on comment button and get him in a side project. You will be surprised I think. As to who Neil Shawn of journey wants to do a project with a couple of other things we do a show on a journey but here here's the bottom line they have announced. September 28 Mota senator ill be journey. And Def Leppard I don't know who's gonna. Opener closed because I was some sort of rotation do like a coin flip that that point. All I know is I think you nailed it and they have so many hits between those two bands it's it it's just gonna be a great night.