Movie Theater Experience

Friday, April 13th

Listener Dougie makes a wrong turn in a movie theater.


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It's going on in the theater because you know when you go to a movie it's all about checking out your everyday life it's about the experience. And there is mean one thing above all other. That makes the movie experience right enemy begin taken away. What's Owen thank popcorn where the need it or you just wanna smell it there's something about you walk into the lobby. True it's true when you walk into a lobby of a theater that starts to set the tone. For your movie experience. You know it's Gaza but one movie. Quiet place. So a quiet place came out a couple weeks ago last week in its than the movie about the the family used trying to survive in a world taken over by. Sound sensitive monsters noise. Noises the issue. So they're not letting people get popcorn because it is when you chew popcorn and makes too much noise. They're the movie is Larry why yet and it's and that's the whole thing when you're when yours in theater you guys ever get and I might just be weird about this. When it's quiet I would I realize how loud I breathe. And I. How has all of my guess I don't get emphysema and I'm like man I've never smoked your hold your breath yes I start breathing weird. That policy you start to hear that. Get a booking your knows how. It's like hey you're just become very aware of hers I mean I act like you don't notice it. It happens when you're sitting in a theater you're trying to take and that experience how about this. Wind someone falls under water and they're drowning the star gasping for air he served only cure drowning you do it means either a good job of the movie and I wanna grab Doug EU's been wait patiently. He said he has a crazy issue with a quiet inside of a movie theater what happened Aggie. Well you know I. View as a restaurant and then walked. My wife and son. Sat down next to that particular. I want to wish you might have a dish owner said hey look at aggregate. Well Peter out or they weren't bitter wind I feel that. Career I was actually my god you. Yeah. What it is double here it's almost like now he's got that. And and I believe that it. Earlier. It'll look. There I felt like. Yeah. It does mean we. Belt and I'm like that I called my wife and shot. Years yeah orchestrated it. Opera mr. it's what I wish I haven't. Heard of that ridge.