Movie Lines

Monday, August 13th

We're going to need a bigger boat.

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Movies really can shaped her life they begin on your it on your brain image they live with yet they did you take a more ever you go for the rest your life. You find a you'll find a way in a reason to try to work whatever the movie years. That you see yourself in that role moon. It's a superhero warrior in over your head friend of the show little boy Lee what's going on. Rarely get more guys what's going on Lee just check gay man. Aly I'm glad you could join the conversation this morning shows guys I'm sure you your fall to one of these two categories you either. Our guy who can just spurred out movie lions of the drop of the hat. Or you more than likely in that category where you have one in your head that you seem to apply to your life like for instance. Only am Neeson in taken one. This line right here. Is is the one I sit tend to live my life by. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want if you are looking for around so I can tell you wanted to know money. But what I do have. Her very particular set of skills. Skills I've acquired for a very long career. Skills the nightly nightmare for people like you. If you let my total amount that will be the end of it. I will not look you. I will not pursue you. But if you don't. Well look you. I will find you. I don't count. Although I quickly realized when I am in danger I don't have any of those particular skills. I don't if they actually don't yeah arrow you ultimately. Many are you talking to me that's where I ago. You know DR Merrill like the couple hasn't innovators to get any time you get to a cab. And there strangers in the camp for some reason somebody asked to bust that I thought enemy and let me get it if it's the scenario good morning. Paul and I. It's they might would you let it check their. Outlook. Cookers. Where estimate. Not. Now I'm a golf darn near or otters are. That's not a bad Jack Nicholson blow away. Maggie appreciate elicited thank you so much doubt you. Print shall Allan what's the movie that you always trying to recite. We have movie line and you know how I wish I had one and I try to English or French or summary and as. It's all ball bearings that's from the movie clutch. Actual actual assured that your. 100 years. At a loose. There outlying nor the one who were kind of our you're towel on my card or original water bottle yeah. I do that I love. Some always do you stand the test the time that is definitely one of those that's a good Saturday afternoon USA rerun. You have to stick up a little bitty weekend. Freddie show Jason what's the movie that you always tally your life through. Full metal jacket with that Robert Emery got it while there's major malfunction has few concrete or eleventh. And when I did at 3 o'clock Hillary attacked all up on a job but it should be easy it is like oh my god really. Why did you meet your mouth again. Yeah happen. Regularly I've been doing it for almost forty years. The longtime owner of this again able to open a demy moms concretely they're looking at me like. Now you're the guy. Assuming I'd imagine there are all completely completely I get a man when I was doing that for a living menu to up and homeowners or B they're like. And you just get out of the way they haven't looked at things are what the movie line for you Matt we've been out curious about it. I you know on the weekends I like to Allah to go gambling I like to go to maybe go Taylor name and hit the casino and every time I walk into a casino. It weatherman vague answer or locally. I hear show me the money. She'll meet him. Show me the money I think I think I think whenever problem and I really do I think I think you might you you you might have a gambling Jones. Like to get into. Sure thanks yeah church. Yell at that is one of those movies again dad has held up that tested time in morning. My Libya I'm the caddy shack. There's there's like Larry Craig now are believed I would think about lowering whacking the snot out of their arms or whatever the hell it was a. And all them. I. And and worry. That happened that's another brilliant impersonation of Bill Murray right there my friend all I've watched a couple. When one of the greatest golf movies of all time hey appreciate elicited thank you for the call me a popular I kgo and what's the movie for you. And all those great that I my life pretty much consist and we lines. But might favor one has probably from Monty Python. And holy Grail. Nude. And it being our there's docket some people and and that one of the guys that should turn me into it real. That movie has so many great lines and it. In I love it. Do you remember like I went and saw that honestly with my grandmother when I was like and six or seven years old now. It weighs the holy Grail and life for Bryant a double feature. And I just Irish kid not getting any of it and my grandmother coming home and having to explain to my parents achieved that we do an. Eyes are ever that to this day appreciate the call thank you man you remember I kgo and what's the movie for you. How after sleepy in road house. Pain don't hurt. Road house is one of those movies that aren't in the atmosphere and went a bit roadhouse. If that includes food. I have a. Hard time when I watch road house of an adult time he's trying to be tough with is named Dillon a thinker sensibly that were. I always seen you can't put baby in the corner. Yeah. Here early and over in my brain I hate when that happens meant they'd make you appreciate the call. Last Saturday and it go on to my equal Lazard to yeah you've been excited about that. It's good it's not as good as the first in my opinion now a lot of people might argue but I will take what was grade and it. There is a movie line at a equalizer too that's fantastic. And I have never heard the statement before. And I am not ruining the move before you buy Denzel Washington in the steel is the lift driver. Right and so guy Hopson is Carney says I you Dylan. And the old man and says Steele on new personal best and most consecutive days alive. Yeah.