Money insecurities

Tuesday, August 7th

Seems like having your wife make more money than you would be great. Or is it?

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What's your take when you hear that little bit. Unadorned open the door and it's and Jimmy from the Census Bureau. He give me a rent the middle dinner I and I attendance wise during dinner is knocking the doors during the and then they go like this. While only think they'll take you finish. Time always yet seriously I had that happened right and I much and I'm fine command. Answer their questions right. Oh you invite him into the house yeah I'm gonna stand out front you know in front of the other ones and you know who knows maybe they're judging my answers I'm hoping that. They're the only people are gonna hear the answers turns out they're not because they share that information with. Other government agencies. Interesting finding came out of it. That the IRS when they merged their information with the IRS the Internal Revenue Service which is not to be messed with it and first in an. They. Found something out about men in general. When their wives make more money than they do. They were really don't like it for the most part. So much so. That they found out that they over stay their earnings by almost 3% in order big on average. To close the gap between what they earn and what their wives or boost him up a little bit make themselves look good and of course when the talk of the IRS they probably under so. If they're Smart that's what they deal. I don't get it. Arab that the version to be kept manned by you know boy bring it not. Yeah I've never experienced its likely effect how glad he spat at. You always finish sugardaddies through again I can't I can't relate to a but I and I think I would enjoy it. No so I don't think I would be one bit boy I'll tell you why man if my wife earn more money than I did and I could retire I would stay home all day long and I'm like get bored really quick. And figured out what I want to work. Exactly right where you have golf this way have dirt bikes that's way up snowboard a good choice to buy a boat that's it. Now I think about that. And about now I would love to under the guise anonymity if there is really a guy out there that's intimidated because of wife makes more money. I'd be curious to find out why that would be because I'm think in the majority. Of their friends and show listening right now. If their wives make more money than they do you or they did. They would be absolutely ecstatic about it. I have a full confession to make in just a moment got something just triggered in my brain. Full confession in just a moment to morning kgo and your in this situation right. As soon as that I do. And he and. Why would sell our house so. You can't think of them have done well. Men you and it is dangerous. Category here because. If she is make him more than you it's not like you can just say OK I know I'm gonna go make more money I mean it it would it would have to deal with whatever profession has. And then she on top of it she's mad at you for making more than hurt. So how do you fix that what do you do do you dance on the side you know and sandy were you went to medical school. I do I do the bad period ended. Bringing an expert about. Wow that's that this guy's ass and think about that sign a holy smoke Talladega has been married here. How many more years you think you'll stay married. Because how many how many years is she made more money than you know. And it only let our ideas are you look at all of them. OK so I knew scenario for her then yeah you got to fifteen year head start right now you've still got at least two good corners before you really got to up your game. That's a crazy sinner I even think about the thank you by the way of the call. You can join this conversation again and any conversation by the way you're always invited 503. 733 kgo when it's 5037335466. Joseph hit this up via email he said. I hated it when my way made more than I did. I like power played me made me feel in adequate. Ended up getting divorced. I can see that scenario that he knows what triggered the full confession. Before I met my current life I was a single guy name. You know I'd just. Newly divorced guy you know and I was on the road during the super cross series I haven't meet this woman. At a show I think it was and did not Michigan maybe I don't know nowadays on the other but. We did going on a couple of dates and I'd I didn't I I did Lou where she lived and you know clearly so. I either saw her when I was on the road or she came out to my house once and didn't know a whole lot about her. Turned out she owned like seven car dealerships. Are really the only app and she's like you know. We ought to go down a vacation in Miami and that we can Jenna I'm like yeah I know my a Qaeda and didn't have a tendency Nickels to rub together. And firm is he got a cool but I have to be honest it was intimidating. Yeah and I just I don't completely erase that from my brain. Well maybe it did it comes down to how drastic. The differences. Yeah because that would be very drastic I mean she she would be. You know the problem I'm guessing a millionaire and the you have the two Nickels or other political air that's that I am how other medical there. I can can take you down for. A big match. But I mean if you guys are in a relationship where. You had an off month or something like that and that in the U personally wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage for your wife will be able to cover it. Mr. my my opening up the mortgage right I mean I know it'll. I I think you really zeroed in on something there I think when you're working as a team. And that's the thing like between my wife and I now man. It we are a team she made it very clear. What's mine is mine and what's yours and mine is the best hope anyway.