Mick Jones Foreigner on Van Halen

Wednesday, December 6th


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Portland's classic rock 923 kgo land foreigner coming back and down July 28 this summer. We had a chance after the show yesterday was caught up in the year as to who and where and when we're going to be able to talk. To make Jones the founder of foreigner and you know you known you love him for the band foreigner. Beast an awful lot and he he played in Frampton spanned early in the seventies is guitar player. He produced and played on George Harrison's record. And Danny he got an assignment after foreigner was huge. This stepped in and produced the first Van Halen now them after David Liu Roth left 5150. In decades the story goes in got a little tents and someone threatened to burn the master tapes. But at that. That's one of so I think what what what happened. Well the engineer. Don't landing. Who by the way is fantastic engineer sensitive been upset that a new way I think about the way. He was passed over and the the ban us meters to work there with them and it's sort of consistent true long and who we were getting somewhere. Each of the respected him behind me but didn't improve. And 11 point. He erupted and I think that was probably the best thing. There's some news when bitty room book himself who way and it threatened to send folks. To the aid to the tapes managed to get past that then tragedy became apparent difference. Competitive we go on. Tibet is the mountains descending. It was so kind of meant to be in a way. We're talking with Mick Jones founding member of foreigner and you have so many different roles in the music industry what is your favorite between like performer writer producer. Well I think it's it's going to be a performing really. I spend so much time in the studio in my life in you know again very claustrophobic and that's. It just reminds we will commences. You know so access and access and who'll be all the trappings. So. They're no different obviously but it the go through. Tree you being on changes hard to be. Mick Jones of foreigners are against this morning Matt on her show make is now only be in a foreigner but a huge fan of Billy jewel as well. How how tough was it for you to tell Billy jolt that we didn't start the fire sound like a Dolly Parton song. It's. What uneasy. It. He didn't that they didn't take it too well you have to do that if you produce and you have to at least you know if you go to Sunday on your mind is not quite. Spinning around his decision he gonna say something or it be even better suggests something. And so that I had to do it enough. What what was it that you suggested that song does that mean it's. It's a fairly simple song it's it's a catch us on but when was it that you would touch did you put on it. Well basically I am pretty kind of stormed out to you both. And there was the system we. Because of a bad moment and he just awarded didn't. Toll copies of the utes play competed Britannica. But over the last 45. Or however old he was and sat down and took to writing the chronological. Order of events from these fifty zone. When he brought it back dvd feel like yeah teachers student did you go up now that's an days. There. Nobody I was obviously very happy. We've the outcome. Well speaking a happy and we're almost out of time with you were happy you guys are coming back to Portland sunlight supply ample theater come out of July 28. I'm on tour this year with white snake Led Zeppelin evening with Jason Bonham. As huge fans of foreigner thank you for all the wonderful wonderful music you guys have made. Thank you so much thank you. Thank you guys to.