Mick Jones

Tuesday, December 5th


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They may pleasure to have you on the show today just announced jukebox hero two or 2018 you're gone out on the road would white snake and Jason Bonham. Led Zeppelin evening is there. Bit does that excite you are there certain bands that you loved to gotten Tor with. Well the also if they have to be. People that you know and you've been. So this friend and you know from touring and whenever it. It's it's great to have that camaraderie. And that's the case with the David and with. Jason. Who really was that could ponders the that enthusiasm for putting the band together came from him and continued to save this for the first through four. He would lose that Cuba connection there between this tournament. We had a wonderful time last few Cheap Trick and I have two to this group is that is an office scooters what.