Max stabbing victims fighting over Gofund me account.

Monday, December 4th

Max stabbing victims are fighting over $1.6 million raised for them.


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So on I was reading an article over the weekend isn't it more Oregon and and it was disheartening. It was heart breaking it was frustrating. It was infuriating. And and I don't think I'm alone in those feelings I could be on my own island I suppose. A check it off with you guys. The Mac stabbing that happened last year there were three families that were impacted by it. One point six million dollars was raised like bang my almost overnight. From people generously donating majority to a go fund mean account but 600000 dollars was raised by the local Muslim. MO local Muslim community group right the other estimate was put together bio restaurant for he put together a government count. Here we are high heading into the holidays. And the three families are fighting over the fund lawyers are involved their lawyer up. As to who should get wide out of this fund. Now I'm just base and an off what I read in the article I don't know any of these families on and use. Common sense. Feel free to jump in on the conversation at 503733. KG a land as may be my common sense. Radar could be off on this. One of the families and I'm in a butcher that guy's name it's. The the young man who who died. Me each in the Agassi is last name. Monica me if I think they. His mother and the attorneys today. Now we don't wanna be involved with this lawsuit we don't want it to turn into a public spectacle. You can almost remove them from. Right so that leaves one point six million still in the pot because they they are like they don't want to be a spectacle but they still Monica. Any idea I didn't read that they wanna money and it and and and let's let's just put it this way I don't know away. Pain and grief is worse than the steel all right it's not gonna bring back their son as tragic is that they write it's I'm gonna bring back their son. Michael Fletcher was actually the one that stepped out and said take me out of it you guys figure this out between them the other two. Parties in Balkans my understanding was of those they at the last two were still fighting and I can see vehemently but they were at that lawyers were arguing over who. She get the majority of the money MMI to Fletcher is the one who's who survived and and was in the hospital burn. And you know quite a while with some pretty severe injuries mean he he got he got really hurt. What what's happening is they're they're taking it they're trying to. A Kuwait dollar values based on personal lives. And you've got the best family who you know that that he was 53 he he died from any had a lot of the people that he was in charge against use of your father it was. The main breadwinner of their family and you know to me this is the it if you use common sense here it should be a no brainer. The best family should get the majority of that of this money because they have young kids that cannot fend for themselves. Mika Fletcher is an adult and he's pretty well spoken guy who's got plenty of opportunity in problem. Com. Third fan going right and I missed McKee butchering his name that's arguments and it. They really don't want to be part of this either they don't want a deterrent to a spectacle 'cause the guy who started the fund. He's most disillusioned by. I really think that this isn't really. A fight amongst the family is I think it's a fight console lawyer of course it is in because there. How how do you equate what is my a bigger loss. You can't teach you you can't sit Indo. Well this person deserves more because this was more important point by saying that and you can't really divided up and even. Maybe not but if they if there are of people are willing to bow out logically if you go from the back you go okay what are the needs and I forget the age of the best dammit I know that the oldest son was like seventeen or eighteen years old. Who really had a step in and become. The man of the house right you know for lack of a better term younger and younger siblings who were gonna have. Substantial financial needs potentially college. Just living expenses whatever so I you would think that the lawyers could sit a room and figured out because a lot of that fund. Is gonna go up the legal fees. Yeah which is unfortunate and I think that the that you almost have to start the lake in situations like this you almost have to create an individual fund for each person rather than have a lump sum fund. The funds everything that van has to be figured out how to be divided amongst whoever is is a part of which makes like take. Knowledge is so great you know where weekly get together and everybody was involved anatomy of quick there to put money into this fund. But it just become so complicated it really gets super super complicated. When you have seven figure amount tomorrow. How married I lawyers are best interest. I let me get started. Look I totally agree I never said it wasn't about the lawyers us and lawyers get a better wrap until you actually need a lawyer. But parents. Or you have actually take the money they're they're they're our they're fighting. Right and and so if the other to bow out like just this is just me maybe MJ because I have five kids that the family. The best family probably is at the top of the pyramid as far as need and then everybody else comes behind does that make sense. Absolutely I do I yeah I agree with wholeheartedly the rapper. The period of fighting in fighting is happening because lawyers have that as if little orders were involved. But it'll be interest to see how it all plays out because it is Mika Fletcher. Bows out and he offered to wreck and the other family already is saying. Hey look man you know we don't wanna be part of this public spectacle than that only leaves the best family and that would be no pun intended the best use of the money. And the quote or. Yeah and I hate that this. Does that gauge your attitude towards things like his. By a large Portland is a very giving city form or giving them most cities especially when something bad happens does that change your opinion if you would jump in and help out. Although I I don't think it would it would. Jade in or prevent you from helping. A degree does make me think of it a little more critically and carefully. Angry map Robbie interesting point but who wants extra work right like you know Leo we know when you're kind of setting up a find. You're like OK I wanna do something good and I'm a fever try to set up a go fund account it's not very easy to do it's difficult. But it's easy to sell one opted to benefit everybody it's not as easy it is set up individual once for each person which is probably. Which should have happened that way people can decide where they wanted to month ago. NN pre K elicited Danks in. It's just it it's it's a double thing as just disheartening and I'm willing to bet the most people who donated thought in their head that it would just be split up. Amongst them I'd be cool that a 100% OK with that as we go to the three the finally break because. Because they can't elect I can't put a price on losing a son I mean it would tear me apart right as any other parent. I can't put a price on and pain and suffering for Mika Fletcher I can kind of grasp. Where the best family is losing their father losing the main breadwinner. Of that household as to wow where would we do where do we go next rights though. It's a complicated mess but I was really disheartening to find out that. People are fighting. Over the one point six million dollars because numbers are weird man and they drop down Friday and there's a whole bunches heroes that you may be never seen before. It makes you do strange things that's just the bottom line.