Matts Sleep Apnea

Tuesday, September 11th

Matt takes flight.

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I'll be the ignorant one Matt who sleeps about six minutes a day. I can't according thrown into the muscle up well you know I think it's interesting because I know so many people. Who act and it cannot ominous say this and I I say this in it in a kind and loving manner. Medicine is like the new used car lot it's a constant up sell a lot of things. Hey you know you need that under coating deal you know me because of rains a lot here is how much is that. 27000 dollar charge right and you need the terms they can't go flat rate you know pinch run or so right it you know goes MB of special floor mats right every visit. Everything's an up sell rent when you go to the doctor now. Everything's about self. Well you know like good to touchy here and see if you're okay. That's. Separate doctor they have to go to right you know the days are going to be just your one doctor and they tell you whether you're OK or not argon. Yeah Helio I mean you definitely have to go to specialists depending on what you're what you're dealing with the sleep thing is it is like the new bin the new thing right like we go and almost everyone I know is taking me sleep service to nobody is sleeping apparent that and I think that that's the thing I think for for a lot of years -- is just you know attracted up to. Whatever writing get a good night's sleep and the reality is it that there are a lot of people are having sleep issues how much because you you just did this thing were. Matt brought home like a thing is that he had to Wear all night it was sort of it looks Ehrlich and SNM sex thing they get to where and then. With will let you guys he would have liked her house and everything and that's that's an analyst at that with the with lead electrodes are anonymously that now wasn't electrodes are resistant a box that that you strapped to your chest. And then it's got 11. Cord thing that goes to your finger. So it keeps track of a year your oxygen mobile and then one you know I think the goes kind of appear knows though as if you're in the hospital getting oxygen yeah. And that's it I mean it's not like you had things attach your had moments where you were aware of kitty Tonys and now they want to get comfortable I couldn't sleep. How many how many times Psycho like what's the normal for people can you you have this knowledge the year is so it is if you if you wake up more than Mitt. I think urge your body does this thing more than twenty times an hour. Then you have sleep apnea. In if it gets a certain point in your severe sleep apnea and I'm in the severe sleep apnea. How many how many times and our do you wake up it was like 4840. Time to 39 times an hour from supplement back. Or 55 of performance side. So it it it was a lot in the average it out on my last of six minutes a night of sleep it was pretty pretty pretty close my way or the other night couldn't sleep and so she was that they're listening to because we're waiting tick tick. I'm gonna get a C pap and I'm gonna I'm gonna get a good night's sleep. And our book madame you don't well yeah but I don't feel great yeah. Get that my wife the other night it was weird because people couldn't sleep and so she she said she has been creeping into listening to me sleep and breathe. And and so I asked her go how many times does everything she does. All three of four or go really it was a Blake were how long were you wait was that he could she is I don't know I goes like. Five minutes was it's twenty minutes or longer you know give me an idea she's O was far less than five minutes. Got ha I was doing that yeah I did that three times three or four times in less than five minutes were there for me you'll bomber jacket. Our kernel out Wilcox in the sleepy air force. To go so African refresh solve the problem. To find out although like the real label the got to get a union continued it right because you guys. You have to use here you have take a picture yourself we'll see if ample like year I will really. I'll have to but there is a bit of an embarrassment commitment goes along with the slow movement chat for it. You know they immediately you know is you you say that you wouldn't Wear one just because do you look at your obviously making fun of everybody out and about. That's your concern I don't understand you when your wife for the only ones that would see it literally the only people the planet that would see it why is designed. Anyway let's say your feeling amorous cola Amir. Yeah look I. I would hope that you take care of all that before you go to sleep. Bless the year your job but you're kinda not because your concentration. Your meeting with these issues you how. Our rob my sweet suit is it. The this I can because they sit across your knew that I can bit I can envision you with your full. Airports the year off. I know you for fifteen years and I know about China because that's how you feel about it is it just me but I'm sorry. I know it's a serious thing but it's it's there's some funny to you on other a lot of people haven't my mom hasn't yet. You know I mean it's like 43 million people have the obstructive the company she said that you know. Literally the next day. After wearing. Earth clean air force suit. Chipped on energy not a real and do so you're I am guessing your mom has a whole mass and I try to find a picture just to show you what you're gonna what kind of crap and there's definitely but it relatives yeah aka a year I think quote yesterday. Here's how much it cost pony get the most aerodynamic turbulence or math math math math and you lose you open while yeah. And yeah yeah and did some custom air brushing does it. Looks like some sort of Stella torments that I like I would look at it well there you go that any idea all right I'm helping me out.