Matts Blazer Jersey

Thursday, April 19th

Does Matt have a magic Blazer Jersey?


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So the blazers MacKey is against the wall. And the game three that las the first two of the playoffs it's 6 o'clock start time tonight both men homes and I'm gonna go on the road that got when a couple. And I love all of the fact mine and I don't lamented despite back I love. That there's a potential. That we can turn this around and you now will cuts could become the police are sixth man that's kind of a lot of pressure you put me here. Well that's that's the way it goes when you wanna be in the big leagues it's all kind of started. Yesterday when listener Marco Marco is in the Terry boards world records as the main largest cute cassette collection when Matt brought up. Find my good luck blazer Jersey. On an idea format shirt. I think he should find a fan we'll get them all and make it and they gesture that it happened but he's Islamic group. You know if it you know I could you know I'll. Based on that based on the size of that shirt and I don't remember the shirt as well as maybe some of the other things. I might make Ajinca ship that's about it I was pretty small. When you have that. Connolly of the largest user cut into what they're more accurate in it like you know. I like that idea man and we know we got to get this turnaround has. You know he he's he's got to fight Rihanna because he doesn't know where it is no clue where it is and I and I adds it's like elect is go home today please try to find it and take a picture of you holding it we have to be united in turn around this role. Bad luck rolled the blazers are on right. Yeah I agree and then we can do but that being implanted smoke most and then you know make it big you have out of it and you can play that song we yet and I didn't. And honestly disqualified that that would make that song cool because the blazer a lock was twisted around wrecked. Or read that you are a little bit. So we're looking for on this ministers the age. He had no idea where it is in your house beat you and has blazer gridlock. It it's assured that you goes into the box of shirts it'll fit anymore yet so this of you it's eight brings back a little bit of bad luck yeah I guess hi Brad Wright didn't really good thing that would be I guess who that's from here Americans out and I are here to point out the negative I guess I just I can't hassle that I'm trying to carry anyway I can hear us more I don't I'm not doing it intentionally. So yesterday were you able to find your blazer. Good luck Jersey. I searched for what felt like hours and hours I went through I I don't know how many boxes mean a ton of boxes. And I eventually got to box. That down at the bottom of the box. I've probably as teachers when you when you start to look at through multiple alliances. In your gone Durham. I can't tell you how many teacher I have that they don't mean that. Did you notice like when you open this particular box. That there was something mirrors original game or life day you know everybody has that box rabies stuff. Crap can do but as you start to peel it cracked ago. On this can be the treasure box load by crap agreement it was it was featured that he it was all close that was all. Clothing but it was all sectioned off based on you know what size that was at that time so it's like all these T shirts that'll never fit him never never use again. But yet I can't the room way I gotta keep them you got it and it. They have memories that the the the Jersey was it going to be in the but the bottom of that box you have the jurors have the jeers listener Juli says. I don't care. If you have to Wear it as a scarf or show all put. Just get that bad boy on does that show all of the regular borders at all just they look like Superman cape on and your backpack. Manny has is good luck Jersey from a long time ago. He did find it we do you believe that this is the the final piece of the puzzle. For people have blazer superstitions and a little good good luck pieces that could change the fate. Of the blazers performance so far now this can sound a little weird. Being go to the kgo when FaceBook page I think you ought to. Just touch the lucky Jersey just. Rub your screen just I know it can not act against Bolick a little. Yeah that is somebody jazz had to get right outlawed. A task I'm ask workers. We believe this could be that one magic lucky piece although so far it hasn't brought much look for Matt Matt is in a bit of a Tuesday. Now and it actually I think it's it's actually brought me bad luck today. Yeah why you know like you should've done deal with a what would a lot of people. We we cable up and there's a reason of your blazer fan because he gets sealed plays against. So it is historically although the playoff games have always been on and KGW branching out don't you or or ABC your editor ESP manner TN TNT also hasn't but. Tonight's game is on an NB ATV. Which I have NB ATV. But the problem is they're gonna black it out for people in Portland. So I do not have access to NB ATV tonight and I do not have NBC sports northwest. So now other fell on the Jersey. I've got to find the game sure. I'm sure the B of some of them globally it. Tolerant just hang out that would be awkward anything to protect a connect gonna suit your favorite chair while watching game I happen to have it. You certainly contracted over the OC I was getting my hopes up too because they this game starts at six and so for us that's that's a reasonable times or want to know a basketball game. Mean truth no matter heavy drinker mentally that's right the mayor going through the nun and a as you were you complaining about the James envoy to relate to 730. Is ridiculous. I think yeah those. So if you don't have. Cable you're gonna have to go find a place. I'm definitely end a fun place to be named overhang Alyssa Kevin armies against its in the sinner the rail. Be dubs in Beaverton that's close the best possible in northern check it out. You should you ought to go there early just got the senator LCC becomes her enough money I don't get up from yeah I think I.