Man of your word

Thursday, February 8th

You word means a lot, unless you work for The Patriots.


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Until an interesting conversation this morning as a deal would Josh McDaniel guy who gave his word to the Indianapolis Colts three weeks ago. That he was taken a head coaching position. Lots of people quit their jobs. In order to join his camp. Yesterday. He announced he's not taken the gig. Existing and New England. A lot of humor Sam Belichick talked to marry you cannot talk a man out of his word when a guy gives his word dammit it means something. Where is the line where you can back out. First of all I've heard it interferes with other football players and it felt. And that spelled as it's pure business it's. It may be ad side that are intact with the other team yet. That. You know it you know it is. They edit post convinced that it be stated with patriot. Who like hey. It delayed. The. That they are great student and he invents them. He even need it as part of that scene. The audio they only. Don't you think though he's gonna garner no respect in that organization because it to me this is a guy who can't make a decision right and me whether we sign a contract or not. He gave his word and I had to me. You know a signed contract at all that means is it's a license to litigate your word means more. Does that make cents. Business is business that's the way I look at. All right that's fair enough and I appreciate your call thank you I kgo and where is that line. Like being out there about a year ago why do I was dating my aunt card at that time. Much happier human error or that I'm you know I propose there. I gave my awards program generated by familiar married. Aaron it was going great. About a week before the primary Iowa twin brother he is absolutely right yet all we learned is that anyway. Remark glow every and we accurately and the other line I don't know mature and our media. Out here. They came home and call it I really am or without you I would. Yeah. Wish away the bill that is pretty much avoid again economy. Is important that that over our copier like. Or me are. Don't we why oh really good it is Albert mortar why am I you're out I mean and men. Oh my partner and I. Who I am in the it was aren't the end. I've put all opted out and and Larry Page and then why are great debt idealized. Though I get brighter than my brother and writer of course you can more and I'll be. So is this yeah and I am on the other. This is you're losing only knew what was going at a little higher. I'm an hour or more out of where I'm Angela would you like it I would put. Sure everybody here and outlaw are now my brother relationship they only. You know reward to carry it on no matter what you know we we in blah blah the water bat. Everywhere and there's all. You are not all trucked there. And I and I make a suggestion to you are you're. All here. Go get a mullet haircut thing is that so.