Lose your wedding ring

Wednesday, April 11th

Does losing your Wedding Ring bring bad Karma?


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Marriage. Is a tough bracket. Not an easy game to get into you're gonna get bruised you're gonna get battered and you know you're gonna feel good. Once in awhile. Sometimes more than once and awhile you'll always. Checking off to make sure you were to win the game. Correctly. The best of your ability somewhere somehow you check off on it don't you. Yeah yeah you have friends you look and see how they are doing in two years and there is one thing that will absolutely rocked the foundation of your marriage in a heartbeat when it's gone. When you lose your wedding ring. When that wedding ring you look Daniel like want to happen. Where to go. You lose your wedding ring. I have Hamas Tony wedding ring but I don't Wear my original and entering another let's say you're give me this look like. How we're examining that says it's a weird deal decide who lost a bunch of weight and I got my ring resize. Them and it can't get criticized up and then making a bunch of lucky. But I think it does mailed different though I mean I now have the same meaning not not now I still have the original and they'd be you know bit. And I've had this one for so long it's night it's not a big deal but he had the meaning it it bothered me in the very beginning but I think. As a whole I mean some guys don't put the meaning on a nearly as much as when it. I don't agree with you on that really and maybe it's at leakage is being me. I lost my wedding ring three times. Tee times I was married the first time. I shouldn't even went back and look for the and I'm not at a I was working construction losses and concrete in just slid off an iPad I was in a panic man I would dig into this concrete. Trying to find it in this second time I was up. Rolling trusses and I want to hammer some then. And I. Just flew off my finger and had spent probably an hour and a half looking around for a lot of guys Tony were the wintering. What do you excuses. Let's arms and into it it's not nearly as big a deal. I see I don't I elect thank you said you're either going to be in where you gonna be out lease or did you have to say. I have like that creating very about it in the spotlight. Well I about humor three months after Lott did I drink Wear black and pounded what. And what. It everywhere and like I wouldn't ignorant you airplanes underneath them. We don't edit album and fighter plane and how the lower the burden. And I train that we're glad that without apparent lack of. That's women's intuition red hair that's the you were worried they he was gone around town without his ring and you're like no I'm gonna find it let me get a win and about it. Oh. Actually act and act and the other I think he got really a lot of Larry I am a bit and I'm agreeing. Eat and I hate it they're rings at. I know I wasn't even I didn't I didn't think about any other packet in the Al it. I'm like that aren't accurate what they're I'm I'm then all of them. And that made a bad album and that. Might 1 morning out like I don't worry rink it and it. Sounds like you guys are a little aggressive in and around an ever and that's something that's yeah. Talking about losing your wedding ring. And how that can make the whole foundation your marriage sort of rocky David's been sit on hold for a second he says he has next level David what happened. And I got held up seven point on the subway in New York City. Gave the time I watched my wallet my wedding ordering it Coca we got to shoot me stupidest thing whatever it. Isn't it shot that my wife even slightly that you put it more for the watched than she did what. Including. It's. But you know what but that actually goes back to exactly what I'm saying it is the emotional connection that is you know about your wedding ring. And maybe and you know it it's a crazy thought pattern. But I I really feel maybe you felt the same way them all Amanda finally is this this changes the dynamic of my relationship right. I wanna step farther it's not I'm about to gauge shotgun when like I am gonna be wearing my wedding wearing. Now they're not happy puppy yeah you're basically I didn't think about that isn't getting out that that. Boy this is a crazy conversation that we're into an I was a crazy story unexpectedly sell them. You lose your wedding ring my world a teary Boyd's world is aid could dramatically. Change and affect the overall relationship what's going on man. They. Not Lou and peace on wedding ring and I gotta side with Terry on this. Have been married thirty years and I lost my ring. And that thing was gone for ten years that leave well and then one day I sold this old boat they had an out earn up to bow. And there was man. Like I wow right of an anchor. Like they're that but I did I I I pulled my old. Replacement ring off and I threw that thing on like they're like a won a super bowlers out the minute news grade though I appreciate you guys you guys brought them and morning to better can you. Very nice you say appreciate you Samad.