Lori's ebay auciton

Wednesday, January 17th


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I'm sure this has happened to you. Where you've been on that highway to hell. It's Fonda by wife were age. I'd agree it was unfamiliar to me until let's. You never experienced wife raise I mean hell my my honestly my wife is pretty even keel only one time she really got Matta. I'm feeling you just block it out I couldn't. I really. It is because you heard any thank you know why because I don't care. Exactly there. So. I need your help and I know you kinda know little bit about this kid you saw it because it was happening and unfolding in front of the world. Yet yesterday. Maybe this happens in your home. And maybe you can help our numbers 503733. Kgo in its final 37335466. So I've noticed that my life as recently become addicted. To eBay auctions in Amazon auctions. She camps. On these web sites. Mostly trying to by a odd things for Halloween. Those auctioned sites can be very addictive you know because it's not just about get what you what you want you know item. It's you've got to win it's it's a contest. I I was. Might we have like a little alcove off from or liver where there's like a computer at a desk here right now I'm watching TV and I can hear my wife monitoring and and start cussing. To ourself and and all eyes are gonna happen and it's like all of us that men mister t.'s over there right it's like bowl ready Jesus going to get loosened her mom and my what do you do when. I'm that this happened I'm working on this for two days on this on this auction does it hasn't happened. I'm Mike. Can I ask you question how into these auctions and how are you paying for all of this stuff. That your bidding out don't you even worry about farm payments and work that they've gotten its act. Yeah. And this monster right. Astro was gone on in the long the short of a long story. She is bidding on this original drawing from nightmare before Christmas was a pencil. Drawing where there were coming up you know for the idea and changed my wife really love Halloween and whenever they were right and loves this movie. Now it went up and 500 dollars but there was no minimal. The my wife and have fallen for two days and got it for fifty bucks. And she won the auction she won the auction fifty bucks she was excited. End but auction I think that was going on over the weekend because this is post auction. She gets an email. From the woman that she bought it from. Say hey I'm so sorry. I didn't realize but my husband sold on Amazon. So yeah we're gonna refund your money. It's called waffle all my wanting to detective in the sleuth that she is she is over Amazon she'd been following both auctions. It never soul. So shoesource congresswoman and they start getting in this like email war. Back and forth about you know I can't get away with this this. I have invested three days singed what does it all and I'm like I'm like Laurie stop. It's it's not worth it I don't wanna get sued watch what you're saying right and usable well there's not much you can do to physically get them to put in the mail. Bright and enemy and gave it its as much as you think you're right it probably is correct in all of this there's not a whole lot you can do you make them actually made you. I didn't know who this person once. I'll sit and watch and she's got to eBay cops on the phone. Hey he's got that Amazon cops on the phone. And because they had a Comcast email address like we have a Comcast team. She called I want to know who this person as I like yeah. Don't what do you mean you can't come what are phone number is I've. An. Alike. You eat Ian union step away. From the vehicle ma'am step away from the computer is amazing how when we get so wrapped up in that way whether it's at some goofy team or. Orders at an auction like that we get so invested in you give hope to name in the new blue view from. Even this morning my wife still was awake like just gnawing manner Mike YE stoic. So. Why that got. Into a like ago led it goalless draw one for her. You know we reluctantly we were. And one of the time. It also an Amazon wanna do that that's it with a picture of it all posted and say oh we we really are worried about you lose your mind Matt Matt has made an original. But we can't think of the name of the care jags go again I got yelling at zero skills that I stick figures probably my best that's Augusta Kelly did just figured you confront a gimmick and beat the at that ethnic.