Live life with a 30 sec delay

Wednesday, March 7th

How would your life be different if you had an opportunity to take back everything dumb you've ever said?


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Very different kind of days starting your day job and Disney that effort were at Disney California adventure go to bouncing back and forth. Between all the parks and there's just something magical. An awesome about Disney for all we did daddy you're right absolutely does and it it's fun to watch yesterday Arizona right and I was watching this little girl. If she was so excited and then she got wet and it was like off. And then she got excited again and it was and it's just fun to watch all the excitement. What it allows you to find energy didn't think yet. Right where I getting out of your chair to go to the kitchen and do much now you can walk miles and miles I think Matt knocked off 56000. Deaths. Yesterday that commitment over 25 miles an ice. Oscars last night we talked about the movies if you didn't see it. Shape over water. I got this picture but what was really even more interesting than the whole Academy Awards itself. Least I've always done a more interesting as the red carpet if you ever knows there's you think there's chances of going sideways you know Ryan Seacrest is in the guy. For better than a decade who gets all the beginners but he's got himself a little bit hot water right now writes those kind of things and I don't know his whole story. All I know is they put among thirty seconds away yeah he's been accused of some stuff and so they give it the way just in case someone walked up and said something they didn't want to albums oh sure. Or thirty seconds is an eternity now think about this. What are you gonna have a 32 delayed button in your everyday life. Would you take it you think of all the things I think of all the things that I gun probably Crowley is back in the studio our afternoon duties and run in this things worsen. Appreciate you do that rally coming in early today if you had a thirty set in the league but. In your life. Would you opt to use it or would you opt to not use I'll absolutely I would use it are you kidding me the fifth at. And did you consider it live like you could say when every one and you can get away with it and you can do multiple times I mean. Think about how many times do you tell your boss saw and I know you guys have money because I see in his office on the site. That's true and I tell you what that's the real reason why I wouldn't want it. Why because all the times I've gotten fired or gotten in trouble it's because I spoke my mind and exactly. What I thought you and gotten fired at some points but tonight here it would lead me to all the places that you that you end up going. And I sometimes you gotta have a little. Backed well actually thirty live my life with a 32 delay gives them and hasn't opened a little I. I haven't really quite the period that gap you don't happen well it's easy and I can probably go right to ride that's a good. I'm. And I doubt get rid of your third if you believe agreed upon our way out wealthy that's the dynamic Matt is buttoned up. Never gonna get control listened to everything a cop tells of when he gets pulled Brees is being me and I don't hear a word they say an adult hurry up I got places to go. Daunting as the and then it's me just like you would have you would want it all I guess you don't want the third technically no I don't I don't know an agreement on that Crowley he's the guy you have that big of a need for a 32 delay. How are you kidding me yes I mean plus think about business and be the other thing I mean not only did you have the 32 delay. After you say something good then. Right after that if you thought of something even better you can even throw that out I mean I guess if there's so many possibilities. Yet you would get that instant gratification without getting in trouble exactly because you know you say something to somebody and later on youth again and I should send this well the go you can Centre right down in there. We'll have that you still get in trouble that's pretty impressive to me. Real quick enough you can imagine. The countdown clock yes I do 29. But hey. I got.