Lazy Food

Monday, August 13th


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For the weekend where you can get yourself and a whole lot of trouble. Not that kind of trouble placing yourself out in the weeds especially when it's something you think. Looks so appealing back when your sort of may be back unit for the weekend or even semi benching him on the weekends my wife usually works at her job that. And so I'm sort of a semi bachelor. When it comes to the weekend evenings. Now on some level. That seems kind of cool because they get to like watched the kind of movies I wanna watch. I sit around and drink Beers or do you know I can do whatever I want I don't have to answer to anybody. My home is my domain right now intelligence round dinnertime. Then you have a choice to make as guys we get sick of ordering pizza after awhile. Or going around to happy hour where it is. If you finally you're breaking point and is isn't is you're sick of it. Is lazy and we don't wanna have to leave our house in their means to put clothes on right in it you know that you haven't that kind of day and Saturday of little rainy it was you know it was a change of pace that wanna leave the house votes to arming man they go walk over the pantry. You deal and you look Randy young man a lot of that stuff is gonna take a lot of cooking cooking. Ability and in that camp big beans right there soul lazy. So. Unbelievable. Week. Ridiculous. Just took the can put it on the berm stuck. That's a and he did him in place. Does in the camp got another glove where one of those a glove thing but another TV could pick a pot things that matter whom. How pathetic to sitting in the chatter with Mike a group. Perhaps over a fire I know I would his city though I was sitting in that it ever. Sent our island in our house. And I am meeting and I'm like this the most delicious. But I can of beans are very. And let me just tell you. They don't eat properly because you hit cold spots yeah yeah are you you die it's sort of like jumping into a lake or swimming pool. And it's got a one temperature near the top into different temperature in the middle and has weighed cold near the bottom it keeps it interesting when you're eating yeah now yeah it runs in every what you gonna get back and I hate to admit this is not the first time. Dan I've had it done that I've done this enzyme in the I have to there are plenty of things in there. And you always go to the bill and all end all go to his cereal bread cereals an easy thing to make if you're hungry but sometimes used on the moon for. Ingenuity is where it comes down to it. I've been so lazy that says you know making it a girl she's an orange is not difficult no it's best of both of them inspect its right. Well meaning you gotta butter up the big you know the bread and everything Indian Hindu in the pan but I've I've been so lazy have taken just bread and put. Slice like Kraft singles on it and toss a micro. I'll let HM that is my girls using it it's not good but it did pick up the job done. Can always send us an email by the way Terry KG ON dot com. Friend to show Bob's is as funny as the talking about this over the weekend that can't of cold ravioli eaten straight out of the can. With a half a bag of various still burritos and a flat Coke IDS. Gave this does look at the Chris how. Oh I'm. But that's that's the level that's were against you but we become super super. Clever. Friend a show here only to try to spread to show Mike this is that this is a monster on the weekend there's the other two things you got to do on a week in you gotta eat. Got a can drink a little right that's you know and I nothing and everybody in the sand by and large most people. Spread to show Mike said he made a bloody Mary over the weekend at a vodka and spaghetti over. Huh huh huh huh. Well oh and they added that play a lot there's a lot going on that you have to consider man. Unit drinks though that you will have good spaghetti dosing your cocktail has been. That's gusting friendly show Terry says even though it takes a little more work I always get out the rice cooker. And make enough for the whole weekend breakfast is rice Milken cinnamon lunches rice blotter and when he went seasonings from Trader Joe's spice rag. Darius rice and chili spice active or spaghetti fights back and I'd call it the spicy rice weekend. It's so fantastic friend showed Craig would go on on. I think I got a bit verbally yes we need your entry prop Rama. Law. Top rom and wrong is funny when I was a kid I used to love it valid. Just go we'll is that and then when you get saturated to opt. That's a little ending in your mouth a little bit later. That is absolutely disgusting and I love Tom rom and I really do that man. Just a little news seasoning pack with everybody I followed him throughout. Yeah well well not every byte that they capture or by where you handle it. That is that is it's. Craig appreciate illicit in my friend. All of the that we Craig that figure act as a Morris thinking about that he's right that that seasoning packet and top Romany it doesn't take. But like just the dab it's like 1980s. Scarface version of food right. Easier it is but a little bit on your gum it's good to eight you're good to ghosts speak for me along along the window.