Last of the Pizza

Tuesday, February 13th

Pizza douche


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What's good thing that we have officer Matt on the job when it comes to our place of employment because apparently on Friday. And I do a little peek behind the bail behind the veil. Friday's wreck people in radio really only work a three day week and I cannot look at it that's no big secret. The management and all the like dog day at Monday's kind of a stroll. And wait till around noon and then go home until prisoners. Under the guise of no business happens on Mondays which is true every other business is trying to catch up Friday's forget about it nobody is here. You know why because no one's doing any business on Friday at least Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday now they work pretty hard Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday around here is a ghost town. It is against found out. And in India in I thought it was completely empty and that was until the email went out email concerning what once this email went out. People showed up in droves and it was email about. Pizza in the in the kitchen a special piece today on Friday it was national. And people live like I didn't know that there's certain people worked him as building until this email out everyone's Russians advocates. So let me just get this right because I had left you stayed late on Friday and you know you like your alone time you like your solitude your peace and quiet and this was a perfect setting for you to just. You know and sit around in your underwear and work on on the show because no one's here you're safe. I thought I was sick. Up there and eagle and it's. Yeah of them you know the crowd should have been several me I mean their way into the kitchen to to get some pizza there two pizzas there's a pepperoni and Hawaiian. And you can you hear some people talk about how they wish that they could you know cut him in half cut a slice in half and they wanna beats because they want to have. A little bit just a little taste because it's really a when you have two pizzas. And you have an office with people hiding in the wood works that I mean the call the text must've went out people came from their homes. Free pizza hold back felt if I throw an elbow and everything Daniel and they had that would be the Smart thing that you do like size that up and go wow OK there's ten there's twelve. Oh there's like 25 people here we've got to cut these slices little smaller so everyone can partake their depth. It was not enough pizza for everybody has that line got shorter and shorter. There was there was someone in the back of the line he could tell that they're waiting for pizza but the guy rate in front of her yeah. Took the last two pieces of pizza the last two slices of pizza. And didn't leave anything for her. And it was just unaware she was there are way all he knew he knew he wanted to have two key even what it as he as you walk away he mumbled you snooze you lose wow. What did she say. She was this active Cilic stunned shocked actually in Ashland factored a storm went back to work grossing myself that what what what what a jerk moved to deal. Everyone was taking 11 slice of pizza they knew that there was not enough pizza for everybody who wanted to slice of pizza. But this guy thought you know how many take two and Dick the last two pieces. I muttered snooze you lose. Gadgets. We'll have some sort of town is someone I know. I George Miller and you don't want to give it away like it ought to give it away snooze you lose the road down on pizza day. Kind of leads into an interest is the kind of like a mini you make the call. Dilution mover non do should move or do. You know there is a little bit etiquette rag but like I gotta die yeah. They're karma but karma will come back and like the guy he. You know I have to tell you though you I have to tell you I am a little bit in the in a snooze you lose. I'm seeing my I was if I have to actually think about it than your probably do is do I think about it I've done out. Really. So are you know our need. There's there's one thing about being a true human being and then there's one thing about being injected plane. Good. Sir I think you just given us clarity on that situation thank you very you know I kgo end. An earth like you know it is that you're packed early brought to. Is twenty IP. About but I will say it was a it was a pizza place that donated them yeah and charges they brought him down just to say you know. Here he goes national pizza day we wanted to do something nice so. I yeah I wouldn't put it on them but if there if someone did order the office then I've been your eye and he probably should've rethought that. But I. Got it looked the way you know you're a good idea right. And look up. I know I I've I keep trying to find out who it is just that I also on the call levers and now because anyone who turns on the go snooze you lose. They add insult to injury that has a really bad amen preach preachy at the golf. Bit Topeka capital. I didn't pick. Here. Yeah I don't did dead man.