Last movie you rented from Blockbuster

Tuesday, July 17th

"The Rock" was the last video rented.

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Or into a really interesting and odd conversation this morning which got honestly just came out of this the last blockbuster video rental store just happens to be here in Oregon. All of rumored gone there are no more except for the one and then there are people around the country that wanted to take a trip to go visit the last a poster. You know what if that's really Smart whoever has that because it they had that investment and it and it's like okay with the army to do with that we've just now you turn into like you museum piece. I want a solid there was only get it the other ones that just closed up in Alaska though had had a cod piece from. You know the gladiator actor and came to Disney right now. But. They got sent a copy of it was a big joke to try and boost their sales insurance and make it more like a a museum. And they still had to close shop and they have bad Internet update so it's not like Netflix has really taken over the debate sure you know I mean if he's dumb thing about it aid trying to remember what was the last movie that you rented from a video store friend of the show Kurt what do you think. Who caught. It was a long. Ago. A world gosh. I don't know market the end wanted to start for pictures of the archer. It's our it's hard to do right and you start thinking about it still impossible to do well as Brett play if you start thinking about it it really kind of tells a little bit about you see your scifi guy who Star Trek. Yeah that's really debris that's the last thing that printed on your brain right. Not as easy as you think it would be remembering the last movie you rented from blockbuster Hollywood video what's yours early period in more rural. Let me follow that Don Johnson and oh I can't think of it the data from coach Wright Craig Tino on. And our work back in ninety. He said it. In that weird right okay I probably think you few minutes is think about you got to put it altogether you're like well when they switch the Netflix. Like that. You and here's some good old Loyola. I'd never do that we'll be back. Well let's take you back now. I bet. Rod didn't Thatcher in the blockbuster video has a built we have for 2007 pattern 83 dollar a record. Matt what's that what's with the movie dad that Kazan you're scaring and over the by the way the cod piece was from Russell Crowe wrote yes on that you wanted but they don't know last right because I didn't cross the did you lost interest and I got. I think the last one we I rented was signs. In 2002. Mel Gibson yeah and that meant seed that's is the hamsters spinning around in your head Easter to you in this time. Frame of hearing what you're wasn't gonna cut it on. Just go with the first movie that's in your head because that's the one that that that it printed at his yesterday I'm sitting there I'm flipping through the cable channels. And I'll land on a movie and I instantaneously go on I think that's the last movie ever rented from a from blockbuster you remember the last movie you saw I am worried I am really you revitalize movie rent I honestly have watched the same movie. At least two or three different times not even realize that I RT watch it. Egypt and the inning got all I've seen this. So troubling is the rock. Well that would allow them I believe that might have been the last movie that I am that I ever rented from videos out there and like 97 probably read about when Netflix started out great because. You it was just way more convenient to have the mail them to your house and it was there. Actually have to go up. Two blocks away from my house to get to the video or. It took me awhile to adopted that Netflix because I knew I liked going into the store in Iowa it's only you in the bank you like going into the bank to deposit checks I like to do remotely haven't done. You know there direct deposit or whatever but we'd Netflix I didn't like having to wait. Because it was whatever I was in the mood for at that moment so you go to the video store and it was at that moment I'm gonna rent this minaret signs that a fight if I told Netflix and send it to me. In two days it just it into this thing that seemed like it was like an eternity away two days are for something to show up at anyway. I kgo and what's the last movie rented. Hey good need suddenly a man I tell you what when Hollywood video is close to palm 45 towards stock while lady went there M bought. Thirteen hundred video cassettes or on sale for like three to five dollars. And so now with the high Def television and everything. It's like watching TV from a bit he's. And good defense FF yeah. Now we got like thirteen hundred videos. And what do you do them it. Videos and more momentary thought wow we really hard man. Police yeah I never get it on YouTube and agreed stories can be bought.