Lance - White Russian

Friday, June 15th

Slide into the weekend with a White Russian.

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The only show in town that has a bartender and residences name is lanes may Healy joins us every Friday right around 830. Q I help you sign into the weekend with the you know often it's especially cocktail once in awhile. I'll be frank it's a big deterred that's important. And well absolutely awful few weeks ago that's prison wine and I'm happy to say eating get sick you drink too full glasses of the by the way well that's what I drank on air and then afterwards island home and pro and totaled more really do enjoy this terrible it was nasty stuff so. This week it's a real drinker at cocktail I don't know how difficult this is on the scale of one to ten. Organ into the white Russian which is a variation of the black Gresham. But this is a good one if you really get in a mixing drinks a little bit at home and like kind of figure out a little man common solitude part to me 101 disagree drink to start. Aren't so scale of one to ten before you get into it my gig give me your number but do. That was history he is Q is at least four for a front Aaliyah Oca. So that's okay middle attacks should be able to handle this I'll absolutely what with the history away ration so the way Russian. Was created in the 1960s as part of a marketing campaign. Southern comfort had a coffee the coroner came out. And so they took the black Russian which have been created in 1940s. For a US diplomat to Luxembourg wall he was visiting note on Belgium because we'll need to know about them. Com so it's been issued. It's it's Sony's analytic cream to it put it sort of advertising and it caught on the I don't really know much about the black pressure and oh in the white Russian seems like a very common. Drink but the black person I'm an enigma so black oppression is what colonial Celtic greats of the rusty nail and it's it's basically there's this whole category drinks and concert playing around on this is a great way to start. It's basically all it is is is it's a big spear whoever he wants a black person isn't called the Russians on trinket. It's vodka and and in some some popular core rate so two parts baster one part with core. All the way aggression as analytic cream right it makes it a little bit richer more like mental milk shake. But if you have you know that's a good way to describe your damage others volatile who are you to finally. You know your your leader Kevin nearly what they had ever think about what had bought this stuff is ankle Lewis one right you blew it when there's a lot of good local coffee growers used crime is there for. DI GO bit. What are popular tree when he usability fine. No. You okay wow that's so good. And it is it is eighth and the like I. He would Q are you okay. It's because at this look at euphoria probably on my face I was I was processing it did Tivo it and no you don't it is it looks like a Vanilla shake but I swear my taste buds were seen it was a chocolate we'll check we'll does kind of give a little bit of a topic we mean is it. It's is one of those drinks that we forget about but it's really good month and allow. On an and you can also serve my own variations they get a little Coca-Cola this becomes a names and becomes a Colorado Bulldog. Switch out the my favoured as he's with Tampa vodka and go with like god could get a brain here Conan. And comes as closeup prayer and I like that I like that richness of the brain you with that while Leo that does sound like Beckham there's a lot of different variations here or if you know you're just at home and a problem when and the cream yet but like if you you know you find that weird bottle of look cooler right. See if that matches Macon nailed down drinks if it matches members are playing around a little bit. You be surprised. MR and union and Berman who's really well while that's yet because everybody has that bottle that someone gave them you know like using grandpa yeah what what is this what it's for right and so there you go that's a real and so. Go to the parts eight in the Max so this is in terms of the tournament a drink mine mired on the Thatcher. So the black version is two to one ranked two parts vodka one park off to a court. With the right Russian and it's the same proportions emerges and that'll happen to that's all we're gonna dismissal beard think if we are gonna make a cholera bulldogs. We maybe use a solar over the last half and half and a splash of unum the announcer so of local local on top. It's pretty give we we got 33 cocktails for that for the price of one today but it's a good it's kind of a Swiss army knife and like we don't have contact and that's her another great way to describe it all right so the white Russian easy to do. Lance as it did to Matt says it's at least a four to try this weekend is really really good. It looks like Vanilla shake but it tastes like a chocolate chip.