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Friday, April 20th

Janis Joplin broke this drink over Jim Morrison's head.


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Bartender presidency Lansing hey huge joins us every Friday right around this time to have a drink on him. And I love best because today. It's all about Janis Joplin and her favorite cocktail. Will Janis Joplin was an excellent comfort Trenton. Mind you she's thank you so much into achieved only live to the B to point sevens maybe is in the best recommendation part but shooting solution. Other Hillary proclivities. News is that Jonas is 27 this might not be the best regular. I'd like it is through that and yet she's shooting so much of it that it you'll zoned comfort back in the sixties actually gave her fur coat of fur hat. As thanks for having around all the time machine Jacob breakfast lunch and dinner so just straight. Yeah I enjoy actually and one time actually got mad at Jim Morrison brocail bottle of southern comfort over his head apparently he was rather obsessed with her after that. Yeah that's the crazy girl syndrome right on as our guys get drawn to it so. Normally if you're gonna southern comfort what we gee you make out of southern comfort so similar covers kind of infamous and so. It is generally to Israel and so are governed cola on the other the Alabama slammer which is Alan and his great countries of the culinary world. Which I. I thought I did get jabs would you do it is a wonderful culmination of Amarillo southern comfort aren't used. And slow Jim NFL won't give you a hangover in the morning nothing. Yeah a lot of sugar and there but it's kind of you some numbers are finishing background has actually created by a bartender in New Orleans in the eighteen hundreds. And so originally in the united and Kentucky and Tennessee and make it was these things have come down the Mississippi of these barrels and show up and get a bar. The auto brands back and he just buy apparel as he needs some posted some is bad. This can figure out that by adding some been some onions and spices and some flavorings. He defeated more. Palatable product and that's how southern comfort was actually born miserably cold custom buttons. Well actually I think I saw an open for when trying to hang up. Right maybe should be guys more smells like cops here and as exactly what his house figured it's a little therapy it's com. It actually you SaaS Iraq with army says are bought it from brown Foreman I think last year. They actually for a long time it was actually me with nutrients spears has a section it was he back into it whose first Batman forever is active and always keep it is this a lot better than it smells. There's a lot of things like that smells really strong yeah that is actually pretty smooth. I don't. Is is it would you consider this a a warm weather sit on the deck cocktail does it really heats you up. Yeah I mean you can literally to a little over a little that I use it's its business and less is more I would say the and I think more and more like this you're gonna be if there's a lot of figured it out you can get a pretty hanging over office that. If you change on the rocks on a summer day you know voters than be beaten southern comfort the drink of Janis Joplin. It is definitely you know mistress thing if you made it past 27 years yeah.