Lance Mayhew 8-10

Friday, August 10th

Time to play bartender

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Mayhew is our bartender and residency joins us every Friday to get ready for cocktails. The years here you're there oh I gotcha ice you you have ice is nice I like that is there a reason why you put the ice. The united side. Not to take the Q okay I thought to Eric I know is that I get this well do you think about Lance he has like the coolest glasses in the coolest silverware. How much is that's when he told me one time that's when cost a lot of money right. This Owens for a live and went about taxes bullies should be paying for bars go by the cheap one honestly. The box and ruthless but it but it does make a difference doesn't when your make and when you make you drink you have to have the right tools right. Sure it just like you know if you're if you're building a home right if you're professional you have the really good tools. But your guy like me you can probably get by with a cheap stuff visually and do things ones allow him campaign going hammer verses are framing. Amber yeah I don't have an idea of him I think that it's finally hammer hammer I. Awesome so let's talk about this week's cocktail with what to me. It's okay man and he did didn't he needed breather Dioner Erica can only get okay. Is epidemic started this I wanna Holler at what would it what is the drink or make in this week so we're gonna make a variation on the Negroni review in this is amazes him a lot of like crying cocktail menus. Visit they were in a substitute tequila for an and so. The name it'll show up on menus and will be two will change all the time but basically organism to Q and groaning. So go back to the history of the Negroni because tonight we we may Negroni to a couple months ago right exactly. So and guarding who is created in Italy there was accountant grown you know liked to drink them in Florence Italy. That was his big thing and so it's it's a variation on another drink as popular and in Italy we don't mean the end of that right now. But basically it's a combination of June can party. Industry government announced on an equal parts. But what you'll see you when you know a lot of Cox Omar's exact combination. You know camp Ari and then you are sweeter driver met with atom based spirit. Will shall open a lot of menus and so at the boulevard EA which we've done before or the old pal those are all kind of in that scene. Cocktail world and so when she anonymous one concern playing around epidemic. You know fifty different drinks ran of course the old pal was one that we made last week so not now we're gall ran along. In in perfect Karmi in sync so. Explain how you make the tequila Negroni church so it's really simple equal parts of one part two Q I'm using in NATO tequila because I want a little bit more flavor. And and it's one part and Ari one part. Government has been particulars of the darkest one and yet age to and so I just want a little more play every could easily use a different style. But I just wanna more of that to Q and to come through and also one that barrel character and it works but again it's really a full and I I know I'd I'd I'm not trying to sound like a tequila Somalia eight but it and a half as it has a really full tasted sweet initially. And it's followed by a very big. Burst of a drier flavor yet has got a sugars there but you also used the barrel influences on conduct until this is a two QBs turning. So when you're so when you're mixing these together how difficult there are and it does is drink become to make for right. For you I know any cocktails like it two or three app most most are like less than a one. Average guys like Matt myself how difficult is this cocktail culture so this is a cartel that if you invest in. In buying a strainer buying a mixing glass or pine god used a can of beer pint size and make them. And Bart's been. And it Jaeger that lets you just measuring why announce we'll announce we'll announce all of a sudden this is a great cocktails and classic cocktail that you can make. This cocktail a lot of variations at home very easily. So you'd be like into the party at your house right which sometimes can be also a Bane of your existence right would you know how to work ranks right. I got a lot of parties are people wanna play bartender when I in my house I the last thing on it is played partners a motion after guests on the that you can make is often but yes if you don't play bartender at a cocktail party. This has agreed drink as you come and all these different variations. By a couple of different spirits and you can make four or five different drinks all all of one basic recipe. The tequila Negroni we will put the the recipe and how to on our FaceBook page plants as always thank you for coming in a bartender in residence Lance Mayhew.