Lance Mayhew

Friday, July 27th

Summer twist on the Lemon Drop.

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Bartender residents Lansky and mean you may joins us every single Friday right around stymie thirty. For you again to make in the cocktail which are go to song when you're driving in the car they have to sing every time you hear it. In an issue and ask that I was saying Hanson's mop. That's all right this area I hate. Their renounce terror. Not guilty pleasure you don't you know while that's on because one my kids were really little there. It was the era of you know are we did a CD player your car was a big deal yeah. And I was. Little kids on their loved it and it's just too good memory forming. Ice or there's parts in that heat that's on and so when I get up shift early and go across the street get a bunch of quarters and come back and close about I dollars in the quarter. I just leave him with them up on for like an hour and a half that's so fantastic so Lance let's talk about cocktails because you have a summer surprise suck I guess somewhat of a surprise cocktail right we're gonna do a strawberry lemon drop because that's about a summaries you can get in the lemon drop is kind of being a member of bartenders in this world why is that explain that everybody. These kind of sticky there's no way to make history about it as a bartenders and he kind of negates everything sticky it's kind of campaign. And a lot of arts and his don't think the return on investments on I could but that doesn't matter here so. You know it's very seasonal or weather is strawberries are risers are you know I'm Marion Barry's. Really easy to do an infusion this time New Year's Eve through your berries into a bowl. Or bottle vodka over forty hours 48 hours later strain off and you've gotten infused by Mets would be scared mystics and stars that is really good yeah right I guess if you had never told me that it was limber up I I would bug you and say what is this medium you can called the lamp secret sauce it's that good well I'd probably won't country you hear that that is a little we got ourselves so that I. Hackwear. All all all only if they remind in the gutter this morning but I what I will say this that. It has the consistent it almost looks like watermelon. Jews are as it does it's gonna kind of got that pink color and this is a drink them in the lemon drop. Who is it's kind of funny if it did it was developed in 1970s in San Francisco at. Harry's Africa which is kind of like the first firm or singles bars and as stated. So it's coming back classic rock side to it so does this do to make it I mean you do you infused vodka and then make it like a normal woman drop at exactly so it's two ounces of of us shrubbery infused vodka is when used today. An ounce of lemon juice ounce of simple surprises so one of genuine couple water over medium he told goes clear. And then recorders announced that triples and shake up this is a drink. I don't do wanted to and I have dangerous. Not a problem. Easy this point is dangerous gets its its like you're competing cooling and our second and third pass and I'm a lot better looking and interest and more interest after apple idea I can hide a lot of news in the strength yet it says it's really really did one man Lance thank you for coming in with some finance a very different in very easy to make again. 48 hours as we deal with you pre does it matter what type of vodka. I don't mean the the cheap free use the worst assessed. That goes that stands to reason right of 4848 hours you leave a ball. Yeah I mean this literally was the top that I was on Trevor is a measure through multiple. And even youthful drivers just you know technically the way kids in the interest in well Lance is really good so thank you for coming in with the the strawberry lemon drop.