Lance at grocery store

Friday, April 20th

Chicken broth battle.


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Friday late today. If our bartender and residents to join this normally around a third eBay Atlanta have been around in that all of this experience from time to time so only if you had a really bizarre thing happened to you. At the grocery store what happened so does that as it Freddy's this week. This guy you know he's blunt in front of me is among those carton whenever. Basis point I guess he picked up some that he decided he didn't want rather than mine I know him back on the shelf order I'm cinema or you know looking and emails to my thing. I watched this guy he turns around and interest to slighted and in my cart specify would notice that. It is just too lazy to put it anywhere else is gonna make Cuba yes he I was gonna take the prairie chicken rub off on his hands and and what is he Salem pilot uterus it I saw that. And had to pretend that I can never happened who is using what he's a tournament I'm going you just put that in my cart I wasn't that I know that you did that it is what you do it. No I didn't do that he totally denied it many suddenly got death as a it was like Mosley you're just a weirdo and Hoffa but there. Normally fight ward still and that's a dangerous thing will people. Because we know that you can't win in that deal does he get a bucket final brazile limit down and if you you get a brawl laurel brassiere just bully. Well exactly and you know you're sitting in music it. Well I really don't escalate this over overtaken broken and I'm waiting for the checkered dislikes that it and she didn't do meaning some like OK I guess the chicken rest going to detect acts did you have did you get your kids with the rebel by myself I think the scenario changes that surprise you and push it a little bit harder did you name your kids you know I I mean that is where they use kind of have to make that value decision is a really worth getting into an incredibly big guy overtake abrupt. You know that's that's the old person move. They just have a difference generals don't care anymore what Avaya to lose they do well and it but because most of us if we have so we don't want. We just stick it next to the inquirer on top of the candy now that's exactly the checker that we don't want that well you do because your buttoned up we. I'm respectful of the heated bloody days there by the grows you know I president Lloyd Wright works that like your journal. Vote your life expectancy is measured in hours and hundreds of years yeah hello how difficult it against.