Kelsey Grammer's Tattoo

Tuesday, August 7th

Because when you put your name on your lunch, no one ever eats it.

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Thank you have Fred showed John four let us know about this just crazy thing that's going on with kill Seagram at least in my opinion news. It's ridiculous it's ludicrous it's stupid. Kelsey Grammer Frasier crane Prager show one time big TV star. Still pretty well known I would imagine yeah admitted on Conan that his fourth wife when you get up into four. Five and unless there were as a whole bunch of tragedy before that. Marriages and for now I am echoes my dad's category of their rights episode you so you know from experience that that might be a fair statement. He says that his wife. Has her name tattooed. Near his crotch. Her reasoning is. That if he was ever to stray again that person would already know that it signed a known by somebody named Kate. Spelled with a YK a YTE. I think you hit that far into the game. Isn't matter. If you're Kelsey Grammer are you taking your wedding ring off and trying to act like you're not married. Thank you go to a bar you're not doing that now and we Mars he's famous you know any sort of surmise right at this point were. This isn't an uncommon play now your ire lucky we're in pretty solid relationship long term relationships. You longer than me only because you. Mary your high school sweetheart yeah. I will tell you that I been in relationships where have been cheated on if you've never been cheated on. They consider yourself lucky. I would say may be your fooling yourself. That you just didn't pick up on the signs. And it they washed went right by maybe someone got one over on him because when you do get cheated on. Use do you have a little bit of a Keener sense of things that are gone on. Do you feel confident that have cleaned up. What one of my buddies has to deal with the its own X level it is at this aren't so we'll get to hear just a second Andy hit a seven email he said I hate to admit it. I checked the video feeds at home not to watch but to listen if there's any conversations on the tape. Power over Italy. That's clearly a guy who has been burned you have that stuff in your house or you can we talk to your kids I can't yeah that's that's kind of the reason I have at their deliveries dropped like sat there and night. I know eavesdrop on your kids make sure that tonight against of that that's wrong but you can see how. Somebody you have that in their house in the middle name number what's gone at home I listen really listen I don't check in to see like if if the family's home. In enemy and because I doubt that if someone in your home is cheating on you and they're coming to your home to do the cheating Dow I think would be outside the house but they whip might be picked up on. A telephone have a conversation and George. Says my first wife kept track of the mileage on my odometer and would check the mileage over where I set I was against with a mileage changed on the odometer. Not so there are Matta there while. He said did drive him crazy ended up leaving any setting and never cheated can you imagine like every game having to account for every. Freaking mind do you go now I couldn't I would want to live that life. So I have a friend of mine who is gonna long term friend of mine been married now almost as long as I have the same person. In all the years that I know this person. No matter what we are doing if we ended up going to wake boarding if we went to dinner. If we're playing golf. 6710. Times his wife would com. Constantly to the point where it was just like stop calling me and I would ask why do you bring your phone along. Why do you bring the when he got to check in constantly I don't get it he goes to them trying to avoid. The sniff test. I'm Mike what is the sniff test. Is like yell or come home my wife will come right up next to me get really close to me and start. Smelling sushi can smell someone else army apparently wanted to have that ability elect like a tracking dog. Juice smell if there is somebody else. That is being seen around or on well they can definitely smell perfumes and things that they would wreck all no wait this I didn't and did let me just tell you. This isn't like our hug kind of smell it escalates. After the initial snafu and actor snafu or shirt a sniff of a collar. It slide south. And there has to be a presentation to be sniffed. I was like that is now. Nine who'll pool in their right mind would put up what that. Clears the drop Trout. Yeah and I'm I'm I'm just on him that this is just me. Picture a day like today you're out playing golf is that really what you wanna do it I mean come on I mean it just you have some pride you have. You know. Something going on there there's little humidity work and these guys are still married. Almost twenty years while oh. But they still do good she's still do the same test back pounding his constant I don't know about the sniff. Test anymore but he was telling me that this is like four years ago and I thought to myself examiner until my want this. And my wife applause for saying goes you know others really there's. It's not a bad idea. As it is I think what you about that's the kind of things that will drive I'm just giving you the mind of a guy. If I gotta put up without this. I'm my as well give something for it right. I might as well not be in the relationship and is gone with my life. It's it to me it just seems crazy that can't you on the inner thigh all of this stuff seems crazy like I I would like to have the electronic surveillance in my house just because I'm gone a lot distant now. I'll be honest I might be tempted just to hear what's going on around the house them because they think my wife is cheating. A void of I'm void of emotion on icons that are really am alive in the first Italian. Like okay whatever. But you were listening to see here with the conversation that I'd I'd be curious to see you my wife does LD. And back. We met admit it oh well gonna carry that here I don't know the public didn't sound right here right.