Kaepernick's Girlfriend

Tuesday, November 14th

Terry thinks Colin Kaepernick is being controlled by his girlfriend...because we all do dumb things for "the goods".


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Looks like you might fall into the trap. When it comes to college camper and it this morning he is actually blowing up social media applauded the Internet and I tell you Euro wrong. Your all wrong. This time they're entitled to your opinion much like Ayman titled my opinion on what Colin Capra nick did to begin with these gays started kneeling movement army. I'm not gonna Neil because. I would never want a widow of fallen soldier who feel that there above one was this respected. That the flag and the National Anthem. Mean a lot to me. Now he did start a movement in he got honored with GQ man of the year cover. Where you're wrong are the means that are going out this morning debt have him side by side. Kevin Spacey in Louie CK. Kevin Spacey idea. Because they are happy with the with JJ watt where bishop a project while I would agree that JJ watt was probably a better choice but there is there is a mean that a lot of people are jumping on where it is because. Spacey made the cover line year Louie CK you guys well with their drawing is the conclusion that GQ magazine. It is dumb and their choices now that's a fair statement. Tapper nick the difference between those in the three he's not a criminal. The other two you are criminals. Period whether that whether they ever get prosecutor for the crimes. Is another story because Hollywood BS. Camper nick. Started a movement. And I told John don't pay for me I'm never gonna Neal and it I understand. Why he started the movement. And there is definite evidence. If you look at it objectively. As to why he was kneeling. Ranked I mean all things ever going on now here is I have a theory on on why he started on in this war this is gonna probably. Sparks and talk. It's all about. A woman. Because before Colin Capra nick had his. Latest girlfriend whom. It was pretty successful NFL quarterback. To make them like twenty million bucks a year some ridiculous amount of money I mean think about it a year ago we gave a million dollar donation. The charities who. He's unemployed he and not only easy unemployed he's not employable no one will touch him. And so the heat he he's at this point because he followed the lead of the girlfriend yeah. Not uncommon guys do stupid stuff for. The magic triangle they really do I mean district must have one hell. I was signature. To give up an NFL career to give up the millions of dollars the adoration now let. Whether he's a good quarterback or not that's another thing that up for debate there was definitely a year where he was pretty good I don't know what happened yet he had a great year well I mean he. And a lot of athletes have one really good year. Then they don't necessarily have ten years of of great years they've Mimi come out strong and have a great year. And then kind of fizzle from there and that very welcomed him what happened on it could've been a distraction I think. He's a EE. The magic triangle gaming you led around by your nose in into things. And I like football players or football players they have a stage yet but you know what if you really. If you really wanna keep making this moment does this movement in and creating talk. He's been pretty silent you know I mean outside beginning this award he's been pretty silent so I think to me that's. The most conclusive piece of evidence that this was spawned by. The current love of his life let guys fall for that stuff all the time myself included I've done some read pick you loosely dumb things. In my life in my career like what odd moved in gave up. A pretty lucrative jobs because so man signature move this pretty magical able to go here. And you know a month and a half later I minimal and no or wonder what the hell I'm here. So it was that it was the signature movement the relationship. Come on let's be honest guys guys are were not relationship based we are signature move based. First off were visually based. Then it's about a signature move blow no one's ever done that before eight at ten and you then it might evolve into a relationship. Yeah it is Crowley ally via stock rally there that you really aren't simple creature argue. I elect I readily admit I'm a man that's the that's right there in the definition in the dictionary of man simple creature sex and food pretty much the staples. Be that over definite I don't wanna read out of the dictionary or reading about the let me ask you about that all of cabinet that you don't claim that he under the influence of his girl friend. When he quote unquote started as well yeah yeah well I'll turn things number one hit didn't start a movement he decided to do something. For himself because he believed it was right now I'm not saying that he is right and I'm not defending him I'm just simply stating. She did something on his own other people followed and that's not really starting a movement. Sort of that's the definition of starting a movement he was the first he started that cell. I don't think so I think that you know that starting a movement is organizing. Getty people I and you. And by the way and by the way the key phrase there and why I'm saying and I can't another clue as to why the girlfriends behind. It started when dropping to his knees so let's keep the track going forward what's your next point. Oh please oh my god is a major okay. Dull my second period what is it true that you attribute under the influence of his girlfriend. Let me. Let me give you twenty. Let me give you twenty million reasons and no career there's the proof that I have EL -- with his girlfriend. You don't always career. Now we you don't talk to a general men who even cold view and that is true. He walked away a contract that he thought it can make more money elsewhere which directly contradicts what you're saying. No because he didn't have the inside information that I had from the magic triangle isn't quite different yeah. It's not like this. Well I'll. I have got control look pilot. You know Matt Sundays I don't envy because I forget what you could carry it like talking to a brick. All credit is stuck and go all yep it's a brick wall full of common sense knowledge what is your wife think about all this while I music that lead agreement with me because let's face it my wife has kept me around with them magical signature book of the twenty.