Justin - Blackheart

Friday, July 13th

Breakfast one shot at a time.

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Every Friday 8:30 in the morning that do we start arguing you know we're on a different scheduled to most people. Plans Mayhew as a bartender and residents in today Lance you come. With a guest. Very special guest absolutely love from a buddy Justin from the actually there's a new bar going to be opening in Portland called black art named after Joan jett's back in and I need to find out a little bit about the so Justin. The gig give us a bit of the the history and how and why it why black card and they association Joan Jett. Yeah black card I mean I felt in my two partners jostled and leave so we we all came up in 1980s. You know punk rock scene. So when we are coming up with a name for this concept who wanna do which is essentially preserving. Kind of the old Portland. You know. Punt dive bars out of that are all kind of been getting shot down lately. We just figured what better and Damon Jones she's the queen of archer went when Diaz opened. Or opening August 1. Which is a Wednesday and so August 4 that Saturday will be our kind of big. Big launch you know so we're we're gonna do brunch all day all night at 10 in the morning to thirty. Sprint with an attitude and many friends again so I'm sure gonna brunch on the menu unless collateral kind of be like our big kick is is out August 4 what do we find job. So we're 2411 southeast Belmont street which is the former space of wild abandon much. Now most people Portland are familiar with that's been. An institution for the past 23 years and it was montage before that it was the original montage. So we took cover that space. Which is cool so he came in bearing a cocktail that there Doug your own concoction ray and yet. It bears some similarity maybe some other drinks but again again and give us a history because he said this one this was a dangerous line you can hit it in it'll hit yet. Is he took some of the sweetness out for a reason. Yeah yes so. Yeah efforts to create I think it's too easy injuring five birdies in a row I. Larry knows that I got up I get here got a Astoria. So tell us tell us about the drink yes or during a lawful shooter work on it it's the health infused. Kind of butter you therapy. Bullet Bergen. And Scott and I lawful OK it's served with orange juice backer. But Casey is taking need to shoot the whole thing graduated aren't there with orange juice. And until it's like waffles and Annika. Let's agree we to have breakfast. Yes the most important in Canada and incomplete and you could see how you know yeah by cutting I kind of sweetest little brings the bruise in his out at the American intricate too fast. That's not a kids' breakfast that's a man's breath as the but that it rather I'm really really good military is ready for second snap front ends up in Calgary kicked out of here to read through the go ahead manner that is that. Excuse him as a really really good. For. So when Europe when you're coming up what cocktails Lance in your your guy who did a lot of experimenting as well. It's really cool a bit irresponsible enough to think about that because there is a version. Of a drink called Irish breakfast right and it is so sweet. That it's almost like you're drinking Candice though. As an operator. Or excuse me. You have to you do you bear the brunt of responsibility to. Wragge yeah I mean it's a fine line you want people to hang out and jerk for awhile you know he. You know you when you do business but yeah I mean it's our job is. As providers insurance to make sure that people in the same thing through when summons. You know acting up in a bar you you wanna make sure that designated driver and stuff like guys that we are going to look out for ourselves and for our guests. Which is Smart. You guys again black art is the name of the new a new meet new Bartz on Belmont didn't do Sanders again got 2411 southeast Belmont street. It kicks off the first Wednesday August Brett yeah which is great so. Go Justin thank you for coming down here at think thinks forgiveness than nice hardy breakfast and bring it to you know like you said is the most important meal of by the way what's what what's in it it in the construction bid to cut it down for people at home who might wanna try to make us. So that's ever secret recipe but. Yeah I guess they're really good Bergen right to city and yes we're doing both Lieberman and the resort and suburban I'm sorry bullets with a view is the alcohol on the right contact help breakdown ingredient that we put in their care enough to tack cut. Hubert we've been doing shops is not not a. Not only are you having brunch with an attitude but you're sort of like colonel Sanders with an attitude great pit -- -- -- your secret nurses -- that read I got you got would you wanna say Matt I was gonna ask when he does do open people. Come downing in order that I use anger Mara yeah absolutely gaga and yeah I mean pairs perfectly with this you know brought so many things you can actually get. Real apples and waffles and the thing or I would go with just the awful in the cup you wanted to companies facing your stomach that's him every whenever period as. I. Justin thank you for your time today you black artists and is the new Bart opens on Wednesday August 1 we'll keep you updated as well here in 93 heat shield plan.