Judas Priest PT 1

Thursday, March 22nd

The "Metal God" Rob Halford getting us ready for Priest at The Coliseum April 17th.


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And I didn't so revved up April 17 cannot get here quick and I've Judas Priest along with sacks in. Memorial coliseum rob how offered legendary singer Judas Priest new drummer Scott Travis join us this morning. Mattresses and apple got it up ordeal on great we have so much to talk to you about including Glenn Tipton the new tour and we're gonna delve deep. Rob you picked up a bit of a new addiction. Is going to be as it is going to be a revelation. When at at a. Not so much a revelation as it is interesting because we all have a little bit of your addiction and potentially. All a lot of your addiction menace but first things first. Rob congratulations. On firepower being the highest debuting album in the history of Judas Priest. It's the best and thank you so much store all of incredible metal mining accident around Portland you Garza you just put is that welcoming sign you know we we we never we never I can overemphasize how much we we love our fans in the fact keep the given as far as power release which are great so let's start with since the best. Well right back hey you rob because Judas Priest is never sold out and you've always brought it super powerful rock metal music that punch right in the face. And I understand when you sit down you really think they're each song as in many movie. We did we have that that's been talks of the rich history of pretty sweet you know and you close your eyes and you listen to what's blasting through you you speak is there any real bugs you know you concede that the mental images of these characters that we created whether to send them all the playing killer or hitting it didn't fire power attract it it's just it's a matter here but priests music that that is very special source. They were jet with a metal god rob how offered in that Judas Priest new drummer Scott Travis. Question for you guys couple nights ago you're legendary original guitarist Glenn Tipton. Jumped up on stage with you even though he said he was gonna bodies in a battle with Parkinson's disease what was that like for you guys. Well it's great I mean it's something Glenn wanted to do and we're. Of course were all supportive of Blanton and the fans of course they just blew his mind off what the appreciation and and the reaction now when he came on stage. Hopefully he'll be able to join us on many more shows throughout the tour so. Stay tuned for the surprises. Rob how it affects you or you sort of look at the band like it's a sports team. I do yeah it's all about saying look you know priests would decrease and that struck without reaching look you know we go what day it is as a content and other heavy metal thing we were called Judas Priest and Manning was just I was fourth chalk you know because. There he is you know he's going through with. This is this important a part of his blog but he's not by. Backing down on is pushing Andy's Martinis being strong each step to Glenn Tipton heavy metals spirits and full display when he walked out. Us not by himself before we look into the metal gods even just standing on the stage of them with the spotlight on him and the crowd ducks fans just went ballistic Manning was just some functional you know addicted to stem. You have to really be that none of those bids flopping around on the on the Internet street to check out but to be there about moments. It was it was a real piece of of what will be rock and roll these straits so we we love to land so much different love plants and you won't we hope that he's going to be with the strokes or as many shows as he can mine but he was just. Phenomenal last night. How does that change the show that you guys are you might have planned immunity is an easy insert into the show that he has got going on. It was dead easy we play those songs are wanted to play the songs anyways and of course Glenn Moore is are huge part in writing and creating this song so that it it's Sam you know everything we do is a Grubbs said it's one big internal family and we just carry on and it just shows fortitude of Glenn Tipton June histories you know we're gonna keep marching had no matter what. And metal got a courses bulletproof so it true that bill we're gonna keep rocket man.