Jon Anderson Yes

Tuesday, November 22nd

Iris talks to the voice of Yes, lead singer Jon Anderson.

Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman will perform at the Schnitzer Concert Hall on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016.

We talk about the show, the possibility of Yes being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and more.


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Well good and this is John Anderson from yes I am so glad to talk to you again we spoke the last time. When you're coming to do a so show at the Aladdin theater would agree shows that was too by the way. Yes and this time you have. Well. Let let accompaniment you have Trevor Aden and equipment with the. And you need to be doing adding and yes music and more addition answer on November 29. Come together. Well I've been working with Rick I don't know that you could see China working on his next movie out here a couple of types and we won't talk gunships. And I just sent to. Target this year wanna get together when he calls Trevor and cameras that. Conscious about it a couple of years from nick in mount itself is. Not selling stock. That's fantastic I've been reading the reviews and and following the tour so far in his cheeks getting raves I cannot wait to see it when it's here it's an answer. It's a lot of an audience music man probably playing greatly emigrate back Oprah dot com remotely ever made comers and have late. Well American it and that. I believe probably all right group. Study could quiet why you wouldn't believe so he'd work with Rick for the last ten years so. We've got a great came in the glacier which is the mash dash time. Anybody who comes the challenge is the best I ever. You mention Chris squire and of course we miss him so terribly what do. Well loss to the music community out was. What about it and yeah just incredible. Incredible I reached. 68 who. I'm going to give it was sick SMU as I would be doing this without you know without you know how additional. Involved in music who nearly our. And I always believe you and Gupta actually electronically you need it does not act act so to. To the audience about. You are crazy. Million Christians. You replace all pregnant. Now there's a little bit of storytelling in the show to. Yeah that is obviously. What I was content and how that the years we've been together as a people. You don't at this time yes people. The tribal well you are. It's got that out so people that we show a couple of thousand. He can't and it it is completely different than most music is like a ritual. Yes and what they're nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame and hopefully hopefully. This is the year that they will be inducted and I think it's it it's about darn tough I am. Yeah well you know I'm I'm going to be feeling better and it'll only happen I'm cool. Well you know the fans are what I'm looking at this year and I think the fan voting is doing very well for yes Al. And config it this year could be the year. Because any leaving not we'll have the best time consuming bureaucratic problem it's thinking. Loving what we're doing. Universities. Cruises the legends of rock and so forth and I know that there's been a progressive rock crews. Any thought of doing that kind of thing again. Actually did it a couple of years ago I would solve social it'll I've got this call I got my ticket bishop accused of guests are so it's okay. So we did an hour at the end of the whole trip hit songs and I would really great. They've been on the road so it's got to be taxing on our new. When did you start and then how long when's the last shall. While starting mid September of initiating. Six pick in December. We'll be all about it. Instant to sort of you. Do you see quite a program you know for five weeks will be privy to although Canadian generally he's got a Saab and it is great contemporary problem immediate objection it's cut him teaching again not great. Now I have to wonder of about Ric wake than I mean. What a legend what a letter an amazing man what you know and definitely such at such a part of yes history. I've seen him one other time. But not with yes. So this is going to be a mind blower for me. Yeah he's he's quite leaning. People acquire I usually. Oh this how many options since the great let's come over interests at least it we are engaged brilliant. Biggest battle okay Israel saint apparently don't feel like we're getting better to just wanted to magical things at work with the raking every now what you know. Play pretty well we're going to get a place something he never thought outrageous just extraordinary turn to look at it. Still creating even on stage. At. And Trever. Man Trevor is amazing guitarist. Who loved his solo album even we logged in Kenya us. And I'm so glad he's part of this tour because I think he's such. A uniter maybe. You know he's he's kind of out that gel. That can make again there. That's. But it's definitely it. And you with that amazing voice oh my god John I mean seriously all the voices. And rock and roll you have one of the most distinct. The most pure. The most angelic I absolutely adore your voice. And that is part of what drew me and yes it in the very beginning of loving their music. And you know and and it's because a lot of a lot of artists say. Well I can't keep up you know that range and you seemed to stayed right with it sell. Kudos to you and whatever you're doing to keep your voice that beautiful. Well I'm opting out that happened on the line from my life for little things right and he's gotten about it being on stage and he's got its. It had been spending and tackling kicks yeah I. Happily opened them up this bunch comes out. If that's what being happy does that just awesome everybody be happy and you do your work better right outright. I love that. Well as far as Zach the stage and lighting and everything I know the answer is always given this a lot of really you know grand. Things in that how about how about the show I know when you're on your solo shows it's a little bit scaled down but. Watery in the seat when when patients know how. We got here I songs and music and I'm liking it very simple just wanted to keep it very Poland and other than. It's so many great amazing visual shock there. And who aegis cheered me on March. And so yellow line could leave the initials. Compete with. It's estimated that watching a movie only just now noticed it caught Angel dispute with some colors are on track. Well John I'm so glad you take some time with me today I'm I ninety year you have a a tight schedule and I just appreciate talking to you so much yet again. And anytime you come around her solo show or with other band members were always there for you. I wish you run a much. Thank you John take care now that the night.