Jobs with unusual requirements

Tuesday, February 13th

Tiny hands for tiny hand jobs.


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Lenny dropped us an email he sent her to get a stock and about jobs earlier this morning. And Johnson have an usual requirements ones that you don't ever think about that has to do with that Yale professor and they were that to yourself feet. Of severed heads because there're there are teaching kids how to pat had to do dental implants and that's one of the requirements to be in a doctor a gets a got to be able to deal disgusting stuff. Just bizarre to me the severed heads Lenny says Dennis have to have really short fingered well CD's right about. I Harry. I don't I don't wanna see some Rip Van Winkle big old twisted fingernail commonality can only take a look bigger and I rolled back they're right that there be a really really discussing I'm. A family member once it's that actually works down in sewer lines. And I swear to god this guy had no sense of smell that that was the only way he was able to go down there and and in do you wish you had do you. Three people sewer people farmers of and costs or secured a really bad. People that work around or workarounds they were farmers. And garbage men have to lose their sense of smell it they know something stinks. Aides are really really baton jobs. End up coming with. I'm usual requirements that you didn't even think about don't and I know like when I worked in construction I had no I'd like I thought it was is going to be cool yep. Go either working in the sign you don't have assured on you get a tan right hammering and how he had you know gentle dig that kind of thing and two things that you learn real quick. You become oblivious to splinters. And sap. Sap gets all over your hands almost impossible to get off is that it's really easy if you know the trick what's the trick mayonnaise. I used to buy mayonnaise. Off like that is particular that's. Gay guys get a handful of man made eurodollar your hand. Still get in the sink him. Like Bristol it's gone soccer hands occur illustrated feels like mayonnaise on your. Not really and it would really weird appeared dating somebody and I happen to be your house is he GAAP. Grab a big gob Amanda is a star wash your hands and it seems a little bit bizarre rant or especially if they wanted to make themselves sandwich or help bring an act while there was some food and and the girl as the market yes thank you wanted to say kit and it you know that would. Get granted pretty quick but Yahoo! and in a hurry because there's it's a daily occurrence. And I'm one of the refrigerator was four. For food looked at dale just hit us up email Terri kgo and act on his good he says ninety guys have to live a big lie. How so because you never want your friends and neighbors and are you working ninety because they'll hate you up and bug the hell out you are about every little computer an issue that you have. I may I have a collection of watches and I've got to get the batteries replaced every so often and I've noticed that when I go and I'm I'm a guy that I go to duke. To take care my watch got a battery guys do have a better guy and he's got a little aliens the anti tank he had the all of Saturday Night Live TV time in Kansas be able to work on the once. All or are you ready to go to hey you're going to be a battery got a lodge blaze that I can tell by your hands and you know every single job that's out there has some kind of bizarre. Requirement it's it's a uniform it's a haircut awards teeny tiny hands.