Jackie Wiles

Wednesday, February 21st

Olympian and Canby resident Jackie Wiles gives us an insiders view of being on Team USA.


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Good morning teary boardroom again be careful on how I explain this there is a big sporting event happening over in South Korea yes. Not in a ball skiing and I'm not afraid to stay in the name since we had sued by said sporting events that we roughly. After. Is yeah its been a very interesting six days. Jacqui wiles has been a friend of ours for a long time been following her. Last time she made the Olympic ski team I'm I'm gonna go within on the on this and choose an alternate she you know was gut and whether she was gonna go or not. This year she was a full fledged team member and a week. Before she was ready to head out she was at a downhill. Ski racing got a race and really hurt her knee. Quite severely heartbreaking Jacqui now only for you go for your family as well. Dad. Banks that is that they have been a hurdle happily. Yeah I let it as a team. Lagos peaking toward the Olympics and coming off over a cup podium you ask a competent and kids. It kind of one of those freak accident days air. You know I give it my all McCord and you know I was a little late on fire and Mike had a silent and tagging and never give up then. Hi I just. Was a little weak on my left leg already listened to tell issued them. My they couldn't and the forces and my late snapped in Romania before I even crash it was pretty clear that I look strong enough to handle that. Yeah I was devastating. But at overtime now it. You know it's kind of and the whole bit more and I'm excited to provide humane and I. What was tough for tougher for you was it was it tougher knowing that OK I'm out of the Olympics or when he got home in new. You know your dad I've ma'am my heart was just broken for him man he I think he felt every bit of the pain. Plus that you were feeling. Her. Yeah I'm sure apparent that our lives that they. EU everything you go and I been there for you every step of the way. I know our current book my parents and you know I think that are devastating our lives. Knowing that I wouldn't get that go to Korea and compete in eight. I've been waiting for your class. I think and then I was a young man and and this year are you ready not to elderly heating content or at all. I think that was the hardest harder. And you know the accident wasn't even that painful act I try to and other block op them. At the praise them and found out the extent of the injury while being on top I get in good Olympics knowing how badly. Lately than journalists really hard there. Comprehend and deal less. While we're talking of Jackie whilst. You are really tight with the rescue team and including Lindsey Vonn has as she reached out to you during this window. And I am trained medical team has been very supportive or I we push each other you know. And then cliche to get better every day and you know I immediately when that happened. And they hope he showed up at the hospital and salad in robbing were there for me and you know I've talked to him every day he. They help me allies and our main event if your calendars and I'll I'll I am yet named Eric Erickson air support me and it and try to get me and I. You know lack. Olympic and so is same thing happens. When the excess you know exactly what I am in Tehran. You know there there's buyer in an and the other is there for Munich department. Jackie wiles is our gas she is an Olympic downhill skier she's he can be resident in a really cool person we've known her for quite awhile. I know you're back in Colorado right now your back into rehab or that it put you on that nasty side X machines even. We're making it where you're yeah us and make sure leg move whether you wanted to or not. I ask them on a lot of different machines and different contraptions devices as well. Yeah after the surgery at the predictable they'd go after real pain but. My family here and there really helping me manage it and keep and because bit companies that I prevent them my great therapist at a more wet and Matt blank although I have. Agree clinic in rosy peachy that it is gonna help me go out I feel fortunate that I have a great support group acts like it handle these torture devices. Jack you what are the emotions that go through your mind when you are watching the Olympics this year knowing that you you you're supposed to be there. Yeah it's been hard like I honestly thought it in Biel are harder and have you on crow the bond not watch it in weeks. But I think it's helping import and to watch it and feel it and feel this emotion that aren't there and you know it. You know it's tough you know I know that I cared very either so it. It's fun to watch. Aaron and he'll feel like a part of Unionists and I let your in dog them. Wanna watch on the events. By anti Jacqui we're also proud of view we known another four years of being back at their representing team USA. Thank yet and I am looking forward and I think that our. She's such a great person she really is especially for as young as she is and as much as adversity she's had to deal with.