Iris talks to David Ragsdale of Kansas

Thursday, December 1st

Iris talks to David Ragsdale, the violinist in the band Kansas who will be playing at the Schnitzer Concert Hall on April 28th.  They are celebrating 40 years of the album “Leftoverture.”

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Iris you're talking to David rags yelled violinist for Kansas. Who will be performing addition it's her concert hall on Friday April 28. Doing the fortieth anniversary of the left overture what an amazing show that's going to be and I have. Really fond memories for this album because it came out right before I was tired here kgo and that's all. Lonny does track a. In history with this album. And it in December 1976. Remember announcement carry on wayward son was released as a single anyway. An album just exploded. Now you are with the band during those days that you joined. In 1991 correct. Correct and sell you that the ban a couple of times now taking some years off in between. So with other projects that were calling to you at that point. Other projects and and I can't. Bust wearied. I have been I act. Came over I was in Louisa may entrails band for a period of time in the eighties and then we word we were on buses and out that would six years now and I joined Kansas and we were on buses. And there are just it was just too much diesel cheese and much. And I'm not that I just had to get away from bird and it. Oh good trio now when did you start playing the violin. I you know that wasn't a chilly side I was like. Or maybe my mom it was obtained with my mom I have no interest and that none 00. Interest in the violence. I want to play guitar I wanted to do all kind of things that they're. As you know back into a corner it was a we're involved. Not so there was no. All mama. Yeah a lot of people start kids on violin thinking that they will go into guitar at some point so you know that might have been a consideration that it was for her. Yeah and and and I I never got any better than I was forced to yet L. But it and that that's that's something for four. You know all you tiger moms out there to considered that you know. Don't do that coach. Well let them let them want it. Wonderful but it obviously worked out for you. Okay I'm in it wasn't until I was in my late teens are aghast that I realized all yeah shaman Arnie. Jerry Goodman. You know all of a sudden I started showing up and also mean for the first time hurt change that here's this you know rock and the rock and violent players are these green. Monster and I that's right now so that's. That's what really started applying myself the violence it's too bad I couldn't got a whole lot better I'd started a whole lot younger but. You know things turn out. The way it turned out. That's right they do and upon John Street has won it that comes to mind as well playing with the Jefferson starship for all those years. And he doubt yeah he was incredible wet and may lead it. Public schedule had been when he was when he was still around now and that was that was very cool. That's that's neat guy got to meet him lovely man lovely man yeah theft. So most Atlantis start with classical music in mind and at one time you were with the tolls of philharmonic are you still associated with the men anyway. Well no not at all I left in 84 that was so that I graduated university also. Moved to Nashville and that's when I started workable Louise mandrel. So that was nice of you when you started in classical minute moved on a rock and roll or adware nice segue that was. What country first country first. And all I was a guitar player in high school and eaten you know have a whole touring top forty band. That ran around the Japanese mostly the Ramada inserted back in the in the seventies. And it seems like country music wouldn't you know there's courses called a fiddle there in stead of a plot it out and it's Hulk. Yeah then then the Segway and Iraq and role he played with some really you know cool people to allow on the way which is great Jason Bonham Smashing Pumpkins queens right. Our what into some. Equal opportunities here. Is there anybody that you haven't worked with that car to work with probably. But. They are. Our outlet you think got an outlet and you even output at a solo album too which is really cool I'm David and Goliath. Released in 97. It was very proud of well I'm glad I did it happen at a. And you're also a songwriter I mean you know you've done it pretty. Well. Terrible clearances and every time I try to write lyrics and turned into peace Stephen's song in the practice. Which is a work real well with Kansas so maybe yeah yeah. Yeah so it is great but you you are you know part of third disarm writing on on several of kansas' songs they see you credited anyways so he must have been. The musical influence rather than the lyricist. Yup I'd take my lyrical ideas. You sleep. With the bill that's coming back to business. Well about this show that's coming to Portland in April we are so excited. It's left overture that anniversary no you didn't doing this shell for a while in and you decided to. Extend the tour. Which is fantastic is that that way we get to see it so left overture from what I understand will be done in its entirety yes. In sequence while that's very cool is that gonna say it very cool would that starter in the show. But I. Think yeah yeah and give stuff away now jarred it. I. Thought. Furlough sounds there are bad that actually has kept a. That game that's okay I I'm just glad that we're going to be able that. I am glad to be able to have all those great songs you know in sequence and then of course there's other Kansas songs and I'm sure that they will be you know brought into the the fold during the show so I hope. Well and it it's it's a whole lot of fun to very funds like on show do it shall meet or. For sure I would advise everyone to take out you know trip to the restroom before we get started with. So you don't take a break during the show you know that's always a good note no break. At all. Now I'm just shocked that our ability you know bunch all men out there we haven't and no one has leave the stage yet. You know that's incredible IB and that's admirable yet because you know sometimes I I'd just recently saw Anderson. Raven and Weytman and they'd it'll be nice blond shell and they were on the whole time and again do I need a little bit of a rest. Up. A break. So you're gonna do that that very long show at now I remember when you and when Kansas was here the last time I saw them anyway. It was at the Roseland theater. Which is a smaller venue and I kept saying this needs to be at that she that's her. I mean it's Kansas for crying out loud and they have you know so much music and and big music. And not only that it was packed we were all sweating together standing room only. And I thought that he and then. There was a a symphony. Orchestra from forest grove are okay yeah I am. What a great shall I have to say it blew everybody away and I went away from the show going that was incredible but still I wanna see this edition has certainly grand place. A theater that deserves this kind of music so. Glad to see the year playing there are you gonna have a symphony with you this time. Now knows him and that was that was that was quite yet that was part of the collegiate orchestral tour and knows a thing that we did it in association with Egypt area. Fund raiser for the music department so of these universities it was right it was a lot of fun but it wit that it was a lot of work in and that was a lot of extracurricular stuff it would yeah it would have been impossible to continued debt but it was it was so it was a re it was a it was a lot of fun. And those musicians those young musicians were just phenomenal. All of them enjoyed so much it was really aren't I remember seeing before I went into the venue. I saw some of the parents you know bringing their kids to the show and thought wait a minute what's going on here. And that red NN is that is as it. It was explained I was just thinking how proud those those family night at the must've been they have they're young musician playing with Kansas. My god it would have really it was really special K not enough about left overture that I think is amazing and also this went back to the album mask as well might have gone back even farther back. It was recorded in the studio in the Louisiana by you and that this does that sound is no where it hit. It hit and kansas' work that I can find anyway. Not that particular shall I guess I don't know I never thought about it that way that you write yet that's have appeared. Well the reason I bring it up is that my mom as people are from you know south central Louisiana by country. In our where they are crawfish festivals and all that kind of stopped and I thought into that oh yeah. I felt my goodness I think this could have been you know reached recorded in a grand at church or pleas were symphonies you know our. Or castle. Yeah I was thinking maybe Cassel who are they that. Read where it was recorded I had the laugh that. You know going out of this studio must have been an interesting thing every game. I don't know have you heard stories from the other guys who recorded that as to how that went down. Well I'll get muddy up a little bit there's a lot of stories could come at a black hair and which ones apply specifically left overture that there's there I'm sure but it appears there's a lot of stories like that once I'm not going to tell you any help. Those kind of stories oh yeah. Out it. Suitable for. Oh or at eight. Well this show on how has said this particular tour been going on it quite a while I mean you've already covered a lot of places in the east and midwest that. The Reiman auditorium Nashville dead. At Peabody was cool through the whole story has been work and we're all worn out but Matt and it it has been a fun summer. Now is so it Starr is started win in the summer. I. It was a long ago I'm now I now and now and yet as that tickets going on sale tomorrow here in Portland. And the show is going to be in April on a Friday night at the schnitzer concert hall April 28. And so and you know we have the pre sales going on now in a lot of excitement on the Arendt. We're giving away tickets and so forth so you guys are helper taken a little bit of a break before you start again right. We are you know we're in our last hand all of shows for the year right now and that we would go back to Atlanta on some day. And and ought to be leaders then back to yeah and books. That we need to clear that they a little bit. Then it has been two years in the running actually for all this we recorded. The new album the price it would of what's so the that we and we wrote and recorded it all I'm like one time on the road. You know we're all care and a little follower gizmos and our. Sequence or Obama computers and you know riding. I think on the road and recording actually. Doing tracks in hotel rooms not all of them most of it was done in Jonesboro Georgia. Real legal. Something that was it was a well really hectic two years. The song with as hard as the person whose song in sixty years from Kansas rate sixteen years sixteen. The. Yeah. I mean beautiful song to it just is incredible and guy you know to to see a new album out. I think fans were not only guy thrilled. But kind of surprised because I remember our members having that discussion with rich Williams. And asked if there was going to be anything new coming out and that was quite a few years ago and he said no I don't think so it's a. Remember I remember when they used to be an emphatic no yeah when that question was SO is going to be an record no. There was so everything worked out well. That's fantastic you know with loading and stuff that makes it so easy for fans to you know they did these albums but also you know how many people are gonna goals want to get in and vinyl so you'd expect. The vinyl and radio. We released it. We released by adults that's available for those of you listening out there and would like to. That I yeah I mean you know it's a preferred throwback thing I acting brown better. I agree it's very warm it's Mary analogue yes I love it. I love. You guys so I anyway thanks to the hall banned for this new album the fans are just having a ball with that in and really loving it and I'm. And you're gonna of course plays some of that Nokia you don't have to give away everything you're gonna do a concert that hopefully gonna play some of the new album. Some of the new album which we featured greatest hits. Some of the new album and then swept overture and the entire are really fun show. You guys are having a good time. Yet we haven't really good time we're we're the you know these are the years and shoulders but we're you know we're haven't really Qatar. And I have to ask what your accident where you from. I grew up in Columbus, Georgia Montgomery Alabama. So you because I couldn't nail it couldn't figure out exactly where as you were struck a you know and that was it it was four years and tendencies are and a mishmash. Southern accent. Like as I can thicken news. We all can't I sell like everybody had television until I get to Louisiana and announced a year ago. Well this is Bennett street David rags still I cannot wait to see this shell it's on my a list of got to do's. And I've even told some friends they can't go on vacation who were intending to go on vacation they can't go because they have to go with me to the show so. Look at our outlook for it stopped and hope. I also. Oh yeah it's it's still here at all. We have really good copy read at an early copy really good deer and really good wine itself. Should we panic cover all the beverages you know. Why have I had and put alcohol outside still a lot of copied stumped him Erica. That's excellent well isn't. Thank you so much for your time I appreciated ten I cannot wait to see this show again it's Friday April 28. Schnitzer concert hall tickets go on sale everybody tomorrow don't wait because this and I think skin Acela. What matter. Believe me it well. All right David thank you so much for your time I appreciated. I've been my pleasure thanks a bunch take care now. About Bubba.