Iris Al Pitrelli 2016

Friday, September 30th

TSO interview with Al Pitrelli

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Iris errors and urine 92 point three kgo and the classic rock station and with me on the phone is none other than Al petroleum trans Siberian orchestra. Al how the heck aria. Much better now though that you and I are talking yet again only uses uses all of. A lot eight years I gave me I don't wanna sound old son ninety minute men. And now it is Delilah that we just got started really really out. That that we were babies who we started this my mom my goodness well this really exciting because a couple of things. Are happening different this time around it in terms of the Portland shelf. Big things actually in terms of dates if you're gonna be here where it's is the ghost of Christmas Eve. And it's going to be on the thirtieth of December for two shows 3:38 PM. Yeah I don't know how to route ended up that way but it's exciting through right because in this year. You know importance in Portland Seattle are no issues to be decided degraded shows those less fortunate is as we also charge. I'm very excited about it heard a number of reasons and I have had people call me since we started talking about this the minute we got the news we're on the air with a and be able calling on women. It's not that Sunday after Thanksgiving I said I know we've been trained to celibate. At the sound of their health. But here's the thing IC is the real bonus is that now people can buy tickets for their family or their friends and slip amend the stocking. And then go to the show after Christmas. Dan it's kind of cool that way it would work out. Well I love down I think that's gonna be really really fun and those people have that Friday off anyway right. That whole week is pretty much a wash out means. Most children schools the entire week and you know between Christmas and New Year's you know a lot of folks it's kind of like bail out how to businesses and I think just closed out. So we're just you don't understand we know what my outlook always called the Rose Garden about a lot. I doubt we do to. One of my favorite buildings ever and just yards and he be here with you is going to be awesome reference. Well I'm I'm very excited because. It's the same story line as last year but different music while I and then you guys always do that you mix up the music beautifully every year. And I was told from Kenny who came by this year to break is that Britain losing 'cause they howdy guys feel about this. That it's going to be like the best of TSL. Big time. Yet you know last year we did the ghost of Christmas he was trying to almost the best of concerts. Because everybody in the audience the response so overwhelming there's a implement their return credit markets covered. 90% of theory is that we get all the favorites are where act cool. And this story itself was captivating but the way you know adamant canny Q officer important you know kind of had the film. Playing behind which is we will perform it live was really unprecedented. And people are just absolutely I went nuts for their loved it's the port where. Everybody's been asking for the CD. And we didn't have a CD was only dvd that we hold back in 1998. So what do we did was we we can approach to CD and it but it goes on starting this weekend. To buy tickets will also receive the download of the ghost of course received the army day. You you thought about it cycle you know how can we improve on that this year you know we'll be helpful quite well actually here. You want to keep the centerpiece is hit rock opera. But you know it's going to be just kind of like dress differently looked carefully so obviously should be source from the back. We have so we're trying to do that lecture became such an important part of everybody's. Like. That warned here that stores so important point that we want another year and that was sort of the plate with that one didn't. I think it should be far. It is an inspiring story it is really. It's just filled with wonderful feelings all the way around. It hasn't happened course you know the Paul O'Neill quote. If it isn't happy it's not the ending the. So anyway it has a wonderful happy ending and it really is a great holiday story. And I I just know that people are gonna come out love it love it love it. And I think maybe even we'll get some different people coming out this year because of win it is. What things are in the you know like all of them. Earlier on you know people some people just aren't ready for it you obviously get you know the repeat offenders in the dark RTS Sowers. Kitty coming out of completed your by. You know this show spot. Which is Osman you know I mean there there would put us on the map by. I think by the time we hit Christmas people really going to be in the mood I mean Tony couple days after Christmas so most of the weekend. And again not only to Christmas for me here as a source is important holidays. As you know. As the year closes it comes to an end here or how we make it even better than last year. Yeah I think it's gonna be a wonderful way to end this year it's an interesting year I mean you know there's been good and bad bad after. After losing so many rock stars this year and so forth it's your head and an ominous past start to it. And so yeah I was it's been a little bit bizarre I think we're just you know we're getting older and people can see it. Yeah understated and you know you know a lot of fuhrman's. A lot of colleagues are a lot of you people that I admire the means. It just kinda happens and it just makes you know every day that much more precious should somebody told not to more good salute each day lecture last. What plan might be you know you're gonna live forever. Exactly. Exactly and that's why it's going to be a wonderful rap but to the year I think it's going to be at a wonderful story. Time hopefully that he'll bring your your family in your friends. Today's show and just enjoy it together I see that so many times when people experience TSO together. It bonds them in a way that you can't really describe any other way then the year bonded by DSL. Yeah yeah I I think you're right I mean you have to share the moment to George different conclusions from the change or maybe the same conclusion. To reiterate your army also sort timeless try to insert portable to whomever you know I mean not only for the folks in the audience for certain songs stage as well. And it's it'd be old and it rocks I mean you know c'mon let's talk about the obvious here. It's it's just an un like anything you've ever seen unless you've seen TSO before in terms of like you said the movie it goes on. By the lights the staging. The movable parts. The fact that there's not a bad seat in the house. What am I missing here Ralph. But. I. It is it is one of the biggest shows that you're ever gonna see. Time and time again I'm hearing from people who his idol on and I treat it like it's a religious experience and. People come back to me and they say I'm so glad you kind of went on on your soap box and got me to dull. Because I don't think I'm an ever see anything like that ever again is that you don't. Until it comes. The Michigan next year. I'll never forget the first Korean that we have played Q so was in the Rose Garden we sort of sideways back in 2001. You know I mean I think it was actually have 4000 people than that and he talked about 1617. Years later. Today you know it's just grown. Ridiculously. Every game is its over the top it's pandemonium that have you read what are called the repeat offenders who keep coming back. Yeah they have the maybe curiosity seekers who become read repeat offenders you know. We're celebrating twenty years as the twentieth anniversary of Christmas Eve of the stories. You know I mean I don't know 1213 fourteen million copies in taveras. You know I don't know how many like. 151617. Million tickets sold over the years ago. Pomp and keeps it keeps getting better just keeps grown up with you you know you're our chance to return in the past. As always let's say in comparison it's like one of my kids. You know what I recorded those first notes. Back in 95 on this. My oldest son was probably seven and Jackie you know my youngest so it was just more. You know and all the songs meant something sweet backhand and they've taken on new meaning now now that I have the only loose forehand responsible. You know and it also named her Leila I love that Russia. The most beautiful source Everett you write beautiful little girl sever you know it's weird because you know Jesse. Jackie and Cheney are in 3025 point one Roland respectfully right. So two little ones in this special forces ones in the navy one of those musicians. But they've watched this thing grow up as they grow up. Now to watch through the eyes of Bolivia whose going to be fired and we'll put us in the notion that you yourself at at X you know the same thing just keeps repeating itself is the next generation. How much it in my own account so ultimately to just that's mission that what you and I have seen in the arena has all the issues we have three generations of people out there. And in and how exactly. It comes from our own families and we pass it along and that's what's it's amazing it's amazing and everybody can come see it again it's December 30 this year to show us. 3:30. And 8 o'clock and don't forget that every ticket sold. One dollar of that goes to charity. And that's so important one of the the things that you do it's always been amazing to me is how much you give back to the community in every community that you. Go and perform in that happens. Well that's something that's extremely important at all on the rest of us threatening going back you know our days in New York City. There was always somebody else some quarterly needed help you know temple never questioned why you need help reduce or to help people. And the fact that you know you guys that are embraced us. This party holiday tradition invited respect to keep your community of the year and how many years her junior go visit that school. Yeah that was three years ago an important that's where we're going again is the community transition our school app and so those kids didn't ask to be homeless but they sure deserve an education and get out of cycle popped poverty center. I think there's there's like dark resource you know people are in trouble it's always that you know it happens you know yeah. You know who we're not here to George why we're just here you know she was felt it doesn't matter where we've come from in a way ethnicity would from board financial brought back Carol from. Just felt I mean to get help out there as a management impact you could have global equities continued ascension to figure out. Thank you now I love it and and you know not only it is it wonderfully you do all these things but it's so wonderful that you. Just having dinner with they have should see that we've played. All you out if it usually excited for the chance Mark Kirk have we sit down we catch up and we just regular swap that restores an illegal that we blow the Jordan out. If it's wonderful and I I everybody get your tickets now because. This is gonna be an amazing show and you're going to be so happy you went. I'm giving away tickets and the first five rows into an account down till Friday when tickets on sale. This week and people are just lighten up the board even before ice time I step lists. Ads seen television because he can't be that you can't market ourselves something that people want. They were eleven in the fact that you're you know you're such a dear friend. And you know it actually hurting your voice how much you love it you know that translates on and it translates you know every time you speak to somebody. You know it's it's not fraudulent. Advertisers don't like you know you walk hard my hard holes are everything you know this is what we do this is why we're still talked about it for all the years. So I thank you that you let me have. Thanksgiving off this year has now I'm just going to be around for the holidays. Are. I always land around TO itself just know that. I let you out at a level a guy is and just please pass a long everything from the radio station we're so happy to be working with you again this year. And cannot wait to see. TE SL. December 30 two shows 3:30 at 8 o'clock I can't when I. I love our mission here which will mom's friends UK carries so that's you know a little better. All right bye now. But street conservative.