Ignoring the clean up

Tuesday, March 20th

No really I didn't see that big dog mess.


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Aaron we told you and you and you're gonna have to be honest you have to be honest. With yourself more than anything Altria. Does as human beings. Or lazy we're really lazy. When you push it out for gonna push it off. And you know history C. I can you tell just by your little chuckle. You know eight in it and we often will push things off onto our loved ones or are our coworkers. Even though we're adults. We're not supposed to do that we're supposed to make. The adult decisions. At times we struggle remember a couple of weeks ago listener Roxanne. Calling we're talking about people got you know you think somebody's in your home button. May be breaking in and she had this to say. I would prepare you throw it out over my body as it ever initiate any idea your etiquette are idle a life. Steal that app at I want to go to our first outlet in the vehicle that. Case in point that there that is like that's like over the top lazy I don't deal of life something radical hurt a lot of the bar the bar is way up here was Roxio now every day. You're either of the victim of it or year of the perpetrators of the laziness there's there's two dynamics in your probably. And some time have been on one end or the other. I know you are perpetrate. I know you are in one category. Oh you have a specific category I'm used only several times I Yuri cat owner yes cats. As fine I guess is they are I'm not a cap person and understand they have problem puke and all over the house a lot of times sometimes leave a little too fast and and they decide to puke yeah how many times you condensing it went. A lot of them I didn't see them believe that. Every single and a half. The I news I don't know I leave that I believe that my wife to deal I mean you both I think me don't you fell into that category now I know you're not alone. I know you're not alone. I know that there are situations where you know pet related kid related. Life related where you have left something behind for somebody else to take care if rob what did you leave behind. What if what how could I love I'm I'm married with six kids. He dog is out there outlet that are. Could happen. You know he got a whole army to clean up after you. I lowered the window of bar here are rendered. And they'll offer any ayello Bulldog your credit art well I got up 1 morning where downer and it looked like somebody get slaughtered. They have the entire Howell elude you climate and he used. My. Oil equipment already outlawed dog at that point mariners know all. Olga Mike are you able Obama I got to go to work. I'd. Rather it's probably not the only time night you left something behind. They're not they're not done a Grammy you gag yet you know wake up they're pro bowler Alvin. Yeah mom I'll play a little work. Through and grab you lock it. I do know that. Yes and as did better to go home and catch the rant later in the day. I know from experience to sit around and I have some common we have a big family lot of kids and and yet pets. Lots of things happen during the day but there's also a lot of people to blame things on New Year's certainly can't mean even if you make made the masses there is a universal one that bench who happens in your house that definitely happens in my house. In it's the taking out the garbage. All used to walking by Q blog about you I might not just keep walking by it but. We're gonna keep pushing it down to grandma and it's there it's I don't challenge the right to judge in the you don't wanna be the one left with with not being able to fit something in the garbage yet because it's so it's that it's the last person. Are holding. Asking this half an hour and that's our I thought that was just in my house I'm glad to hear it happens and other arms do you know that you know the old saying. Don't shoot the messenger. I'd cuter really. Apply that. In just 12 to Steve has been waiting patiently he has something to say about this whole laziness Steve what is it do you have to say. I don't listen that bit about at this at all at hey. Try it next time you're like yeah yeah all right I'm that you forward this. Page and more efficient. And. I forgive me but man after I would be stubborn and I'm not gonna use the Allen now. That.