That Guy

Tuesday, January 16th


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They knew we're gonna talk about it today in bad guy. Everybody has a story of being that guy might be a minor issue. Or it could be a major issue like I'm assuming it's again the Hawaii missile attack over the weekend marked up but do. It was a false alarm but it they're so I don't know why this is not a drill to recover we are to put down Marcus Williams on on the list being that guy over the weekend. Dormant saints missed the tackle miss a tackle and they have vikings won the game because it wanted to make the hero big hit in the ain't got nothing but air and having them at an air and aired that allows. I was watching that game went up and test again he was really really great and you could probably put the pilot of that Turkish Airways airplane and they parked it right with a notion view on the side of cliff. Ali and years excuse. All of and the plane started to speed up was that possibly your knee hit the controls. Patent it goes over the cliff then Dulles and you find yourself be in that guy moon 503733. Kgo in as our number. God and I situation or what happened I lucked into manufacturing plant no Ron and data out or quit and add a comment that it wouldn't stop and headed right towards. There at the ladies app. And act act and all I didn't say that there. It was anybody in there you know him. Well. Nobody cared. About it now. Symbian and the betterment of the workload to run remains there now. Why didn't you and the guy that ran the ball. Aunt and then trying to act like nothing happened. Yeah yeah Mecca could what did you. You have to that he is like you know backed up with Nancy pocket Gora park the forklift O'Donnell and out and over there is little whistle if you're. I did pretty much. But hey it. And I think greens still are. About element our governor. That's great so for Q our users go on about your business one earned. All right so far so good at. That's no good what a great story man thank you start and some. Are. You know everyone has an academic hundreds. Some Ive been directly involves some indirectly. Indirectly employee remind me a story you know I can have former life in arm and I was out on the monster truck tour right in the early days before they had. Monster jam which by the ways and can going to be in town a week from today. And that was due to showdown of Palmdale California right on the picked at the fairgrounds Larry go to a fair ground. Wide open space it was like a free for all this is before the grave digger even was painted in a Sanderson didn't have the money to get it painted so it was just primary. They have all those cool electronic radios right they shut off trucks from the start to get out of control we can sternum off and summoning us down the sides. He starts Ray Allen down this track in the thrall gets stuck. He's taken out like rodeo fans things flying in the air. And there's one with cinder block bathroom at the end of this they're gonna you know when you go to fairground those other bathroom off to the right are often left. Plows right through the cinder blocks. One dude was in there. And I am convinced I was like there. Just in shock you. Sitting there sitting there and at that thing on that. That in their plan ahead and it was like I Garros like to thank god he's not fielder he's not heard. Just utterly in shock. Though it bears do you imagine what it must have been like when I got. He's in there just you know drug take care bill is and who knows hardy's work and added the injury and you just hear this. Or does to a close that value gone while that's getting awful oh yeah.