Grandparents day

Monday, September 10th

Grandparents are the best.

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So yesterday there was a holiday a big holiday for a lot of people grandparents' day yesterday but it is due. Not that forgot about it. But I want I want to elect on the air program parents because you stop and think about in your lifetime. Don't your grandparents was like the greatest time ever right KG you get to go there the spoiled either death you've got to do really fun stuff. Most of the time and they were never disciplinarian. For the most part now. And it had a grandmother that would that would be again discipline it put it she also achieved if she didn't like it daycare type things so. She and you are naturally kids look beyond just are planning that so of course she had a display new. What's your greatest memory of that might all my greatest memory of a grandparent is actually I grabbed a frank and guiding you see him a whole lot you know as as a child that they would. I was an army brat so we moved around a lot and he was based in Columbus, Ohio. And duke rape before he he passed a few years ago over before he he passed away. I got to go visit him in Florida he was living in Florida. And I had a newborn at the time like that if bill Parker is a toddler so he was he was probably two or three. And we get sicker first like family vacation that we had ever taken in her life and went down to Florida. And a stay in a resort everything that we got to go to the to see banker frank he lived close by and so that was. That was just such a cool trip to be able to go spend time with my rep frank it's going to mean it was like. Exactly like in my head that's what I picture grant from being the voice. He had this this this deal does voice and voice yet that his voice the look. Does everything about them. It just screamed go rampant having. And and so Parker got to meet them and just remember being you know being over his house and in it it was such a simple thing of we're just gonna sit on the couch and everything. Immigrant Franken Parker in the kitchen. You know picking grapes soffa. Off of buying interest. As memories and Kazan I know like with my grandma Barney though is. My only grandparent I really had a lot of time when my mom's side my grandparents died very. Young when I was young I a young child so my grandma Barney limbless and man she was crazy my ground Barney was were easy. She. I I have two very vivid moment moments with her. I've told you about the space that teeth out that at Disney World right in palladium and profits and economic. Conditions and Trace it. The greatest thing ever right or. And then these choppers there on the ground like a cartoon right. I remember when I was like seven. May be announced probably seven years old. My browser what are you doing that guy I don't know nothing has nothing to do this. Let's go we opera her card she had a really cool old duster Plymouth duster and with just like a drag racing Graham all right yeah we go to the driving range. My ground goes and in my grandma was a smoker until we had a cigarette in her mouth and she's like. How much in the bucket of balls right there he goes four bucks for a bucket. I will take two buckets and we start walking over to go to posters to Moscow the car real quick took one of the buckets and just dump them in the backseat of the car. Yeah I hit the other bucket there than on the way home we went to the school and then we hit around in the schoolyard if a and that that was a thing man like in as a kid I didn't realize we're stealing those guys. I. As an adult I I now realize manage it went to the clink remind relative game or your own party to do is grab friend showed Tina. Tina what's your memory when your grandparents. My. Olympic my brother and I. That night it's. A bad name. All of the Oscar what we're so that is the big guys from Portland wrestling isn't going to Ronnie route Roddy savage has Anderson I couldn't figure that out. Yes nick yeah he's super bicycle was area. That's you. Even went a little old lady. And I'll. So great that it did did a brilliant little salty little salty with the language well. The odds of you remember the rest you like eighteen I appreciate you listening thank you so much. You feed via. Dirk just dropped us an email said my grandfather was a circus clown for 65 years. We spent a lot of time at the circus would my grandparents met a lot of celebrities. Got deride elephants be one on one with lions and tigers. What better memories could you have too many stories to put any pilots pretty cool that is absolutely crazy friend Michelle Mike what's which your memory when their grandparents. But in my and I just what are believed to be back in the seventies. And we had lost her artistry and fire until the stereo are were cute you know and movement. Bedroom door flew open and return are some who broke down and Powell there are now an example for all. There pound pot furloughs lets you know what they're veterinary care about their troop option we're now I told him no particular myself you know by the way and we'll let those tribal smoke wouldn't accept requests. They're grapples saved you from getting busted by the cops and many guys head down and smoke it smoked a joint together. Yeah the other developed or cool partly goes. That's the thing I can Muster because should there ministry in their superior who would kill or fifteen Christian couple. The Atlanta I was also. Those great either vote roll about how her computer to kill doctor to have battled polls so you know. While back yeah yeah. It's stories to tell right wow. Oh boy I got you know three is our program surely. A lot a lot of people are lucky to have that kind of situation master lock all the get a life you get a different experienced friend Michelle might think you appreciate you sharing the story you think about that when you have. We we are friends right there raised by the grandparents like summer there's maybe one or two degrees of separation right yeah Devin different understanding a life. It does it's it's very different because you get him a much bigger much. World clear view of what's going on in the world now we all have those memories with our grandparents. Friendly show Allan what's going on yeah. Don't post art the art of pitching parents Omar and are specifically my grandmother who. A memory share units and it lost a lot of memory. I have not seen her probably six month. And I went to visit her and I want observe herbs are from our equipment wise that aren't so we're upstairs in the building. And I noticed or downstairs lobby. And JD look our. And after not having seen as a model in her demented. State. You look up and said that's right and I knew it is given ritual right now you're talking about the bond between grandmother and grandson that really all right now I actually work. In the street and what that means is that she's going to be. Did that motivate me. While that is incredible Allen think you for sharing that with this friend to show Michael. Celebrating national grandparents day yesterday it was. Says good morning guys didn't have time Kalimba my greatest memory of my grandparents who when I was maybe eight or ten. My grandparents had a 71 Camaro Z 28 by 'cause and I east and among when he got on the straight away. Which was actually sixtieth avenue when you turn from division. He would punch it through there and I'll never forget that and found that. Is that grandparents absolutely it's like that that should have been in the rite of passage stuff and that's that's a double rite of passage it's a rite of passage for being a grandparent. In a rite of passage for being a grandchild. There's another great one friend to show and he says my grandpa used to let my brother and me drive his pickup truck around his farm. We were eleven and twelve. I and volley all you what you live on a party at the new cool stuff like so see doubting itchy and a good move right about now you're hit that heavy traffic on Monday. Back to work and we get it.