Girl Pushups

Tuesday, January 9th


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There's two reasons going on here there's plenty of things that better than Eric bought yen to get a good look you come out you feel good about yourself usually. Fresh cut yeah and it's cathartic. No matter where the Avant dude or girl figured a matter you. Note it really has liquor it's great ways to its core yes and it and there are days when your in their warrior like. Yeah I don't hear about your problems are prepared outline of a problem I'm at a right it if your being honest right and I was in getting my haircut over the holidays and the girl cuts my hair. Has done a furlong time. And she was telling me about a giant breach. Of bro code and really wife code with her husband. Whenever your wife. Tells you not to do something. That is not an open invitation to test it okay. So. And you got to kind of help me out as his you'll understand why here in the second so. Over the holidays her husband wanted to go out with. The guys. New invited to go out as a Saturday night. And today no doubt that I like it's a little tricky sometimes and and may mab embassy I'm dissing it to my eyes. I would. I would much rather typically hang out of my life then my guy different you almost refused to go out with guy friends you if you just throwing where they don't kisses it is my wife so and they're not as he's got a nice design wise and things tactically right you spend all of your guy time. On the golf course that's that exactly right idea overload of it there and that's plenty for me not everyone does that tell us a sometimes going out for you know couple Beers or some like that was short embodies that job that have been a very normal thing to do fair enough. Last thing that she tells her husband is. Yeah that's fine go out these guys but every time he got these guys you come back tanked due not. Come back tanked. Was in drive then got a ride right. Comes back tank of course it is hang in nineteen in that the bag. I'll tell you that any time my wife says something like that like at the you know also hate just give me another you know thirty minute some turnaround. She shows I say while I'm going to bed because it's gonna take you another two hours and I know that. It's almost like like. Because she said it it's gonna end Debian now. So here's where it gets interesting and I wanna get people's take on this he comes home. And when your tank you have no idea of volume. It's you have just. Are the talk. And you know you and your keys are dropping and doors are slam and I don't even know what time New Hampshire was well after midnight. And they have a young child. Stops the way up the stairs you know your feet are really heavy so it sounds like a giant is locked into that. Comes in and then. For whatever reason. I know what it is when your in the Q when you're in the in the tank. You lose your filter. You'll wake. Getting ready reserve laden. Let's yeah. I pop pop. Daddy already poured some fun that's something you probably never in your life would you think you're gonna sit up is that that would be the quickest way to important completely current office. Be answered viewed daddy's ones that have. Some fun was your drunken I told you not to get drunk tonight. I'm not cure. And proceeds to drop down and attempt to do pushups. I guess. On a quest to sober up. Was that a course is sober up with the requested prove that he wasn't drunk to there's this question okay so it's so there are three questions here and it and it it's worse. They or die push ups they were the girl push just. And big hit me so that's already a party found right there's no way you get any respect for doing girl push ups when your guy anger trucking you broke the the broke code and the wife co ranked. Now your ot no man's land there's no respect dangling anywhere out there write it but he's dead set on. Danny lots of fun. Starts to do these little girly pushups NN I I'm guessing in hopes to get sober concern there is a point. We're even if you wanna have fun you the room probably start spend it right. But if he's a vocal about wanting it I don't know if he needed to sober didn't happen because Ian and getting sick now as the men wait made his way to the bat but disaster because is that something guys duty guys do push or do you think that's gonna get used to. Big girl push up to bat and a slower woman after. I got. Well a life is through your perception in your filter in New York Times. So the question is is this something that may be you when I don't know about. In order to get sobered up in what is your go to move because when guys will do any thing. That you asked him to view it they know they can get into the game. I'm pretty entertaining paint you know. Dumping act you know uptight they think is it they literally are out. And then they get a still have access to. Danny wants to have some fun. Now or stay at lake front on it it is not. I I don't I don't like alcohol and anyway I was not in your pocket aipac. You know. Why didn't. Alt the world are girl lied and has not filed because at a local. I'm on another curtain or not. And our children and they should act like. Everything you do you just said that you won't you won't do drugs sex and she probably won't do it mats. Kinda what she was telling him and she knew that he was gonna come home be an ally. Yes it's true that here and you know and I hadn't really drink well now I get an outbreak a one out I didn't look. A lot early is I don't feel a lot act. My wife texted me reminded me of something that I did one night so I'm in along the lines of the girl pushups but I'm gonna I think it's a level better. Ali you be the judge peck I it was ready Danny wants some fun kind of thing and I jumped up on the end edge of our bed. I've been drinking and I said to my wife quote I am floor and this is my hammer blow. There are no flood hit a camera for two weeks after. I've had a game for long in the duke it. Blows they now I don't think I've ever said that again in my life until today. I am blow our news is mine hammer Malone really is a ridiculous and yet.